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Medication Please post any experiences, questions or advice on medication here.
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Old 14-02-05, 21:30
finikyfinch finikyfinch is offline
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Be very careful if you are taking Zopiclone!

I once suffered from panic attacks and such, and I was prescribed Zopiclone for sleep. I became very addicted to it, but there is a way out......I was on Zopiclone (7.5mg) for about 2 1/2 years taking 2 pills a night, I figured i could just go off and on them like Pepsi! But I couldn't do it, I needed more and more, I went to all the clinics and doctors to get them. Then finally I went to my Real Family doctor and he put me on a 2 week weaning process which got me down to 1 per night, and then after that I was on none and No withdrawal symptoms. The way that he did this was he prescribed serquel(100mg) per night with the zopiclone, plus 2 amitriptaline(20mg) and all of a sudden within two weeks I was totally off the zopiclone as the Sercquel had taken its place, as well as the Amitriptyline. Now what you may be thinking is Iím just exchanging one drug for another! But thatís not true, because you see Sercquel and Amitriptyline are non addictive drugs, they contain nothing that will trick your brain into wanting more and more, and you still sleep at night eventually whenever you want you can stop taking the Sercquel and Amitriptyline whenever you want, you could take these 2 drugs for a year and have no addiction. Thatís just my 2 cents, and it worked for me, may not work for you but at least you can say you tried.

Best regards,
Jason Davies
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Old 14-02-05, 22:42
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Thanks for sharing Jason- glad you're off it .

You cannot conquer fear until you have learned what it is you're afraid of. The enemy is ignorance. Vivian Vance
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Old 14-02-05, 23:44
sal sal is offline
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Hi Jason

Well done for getting off it so well. My doctor prescribed it to me but i only ever took one and reading your post im glad i did. She has given me an alternative sleeping tablet but as yet i havent tried it.

Pleased you have done so well.

Lots of Love Sal xxxxx
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Old 19-03-10, 23:34
danielle75 danielle75 is offline
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Re: Be very careful if you are taking Zopiclone!

hi jason,just read your post,very reasurring that you did so well!i have been on them for 8 years after a b/down and they are evil things like they zap your soul at times!alternatives that you mentioned sounded good ,as you have done so well can you please keep in touch ,as i may have a few questions :O)thankyou,danielle
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Old 08-04-10, 12:15
swissyrolly swissyrolly is offline
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Re: Be very careful if you are taking Zopiclone!

Well done for coming off it Jason. I'm glad I found your post as I was first prescribed zopiclone over a year ago but only for 1 week and it was fine, it was only as I was very sleep deprived.

But since January I've been prescribed zopiclone again, first of all it was the lower dose of 3.5mg.. for the first month my doctor told me to take 1 a night, and then when my sleep wasn't getting any better she put the dosage up to 7.5mg and I was told only to take one when i was having problems sleeping.
I've been on them now since january and even though the 7.5mg dose started to work at first, I now find it very very hard to sleep without the help of the zopiclone, so my sleep is now worse than it was before i even started taking it! Therefore I'm now taking one every night (although i'm not doubling it up thankfully).

I don't think I'm at the stage where I'm addicted, but I have to fight hard NOT to take one every night as its the easier option than lying in bed for 4hours trying to sleep naturally only to get myself worked up! I can see how easy it is to fall into that trap so thank you for the warning, i'll definitely bear that in mind.

Also... did anyone else get a really horrible metallic taste in their mouth whilst taking zopiclone? It's not done much for my appetite.. it's awful!
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Old 08-04-10, 12:32
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loulabella loulabella is offline
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Re: Be very careful if you are taking Zopiclone!

I have Zolpidem for bad nights, which are terrible now I am starting an SSRI. I find they leave no bad taste, a little groggy for half hour or so in AM. But I am using them atm till the SSRI insomnia fades... which I pray to god it will. x
Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom; I try not to worry about the future -- so I take each day just one anxiety attack at a time.
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careful, taking, zopiclone

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