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General Anxiety / Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) Please post any messages here about General Anxiety or Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)
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Old 14-01-08, 22:16
phil06 phil06 is online now
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Red face Getting annoyed easy is it anxiety?

I have been getting annoyed easy and taking things personal it has only happened twice but when it has I just feel a bit angry but calm down in a few mins is this normal? can anxiety be the cause of this?

The other day i got annoyed becuase somebody sprayed my jacket with something ..and becuase something never suited me I also got annoyed.

I'm worried it is because of I had come off tablets for manic depression. I have been told by my family I am fine and they have noticed no changes but it still worries me.

I have one more tablets to stop before I see the doctor in a weeks time and it worries me alot..

Can anybody here relate to how I am feeling right now? i mean i don't get annoyed very often but it has worried me recently I just have alot of worries at the moment with anxiety and they go away and come back round again and become scary to me again
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Old 15-01-08, 14:00
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Re: Getting annoyed easy is it anxiety?

I think being easily irritated is part and parcel of anxiety. I get annoyed at little things sometimes too. If someone makes a remark about me and people laugh, I take it way too personally. Even if they are only joking, I get angry and upset.

I think you should try not to dwell on these things too much - the more you dwell on them, the more they will bother you. You recognise that this is happening and that you calm down afterwards so its not impacting on you heavily. It is passing over you and not doing any harm - if you give more importance to it than it deserves then that is when it will start to become a problem.

So try not to beat yourself up over it. I have good periods too and then sometimes will go through a bad phase of anxiety but try not to let them scare you.

Have you gone through/are you going through a stressful time at the moment with anything? Stress tends to bring on anxiety.

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Old 15-01-08, 16:55
matt1981 matt1981 is offline
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Re: Getting annoyed easy is it anxiety?

I am really bad for that, i am so easily annoyed. I was absolutely fuming becasue the bus was late this morning, way more annoyed than the average person. I live a stressful life and it causes me to be annoyed and p***ed of easily so u may be the same.
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Old 16-01-08, 21:02
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Re: Getting annoyed easy is it anxiety?


Don't worry. I hate myself because I go off the rails and then beat myself up about it for hours afterwards. If I have had poor service or someone rubs me up the wrong way I shout and get very cross. It makes me feel horrible, I have a rush of adrenalin and I can feel shakey for quiet some time after. I then get cross with myself for getting so wound up with a situation and say that I am a bad person.

Its normal for people to have a short fuse with anxiety.

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Old 16-01-08, 22:34
phil06 phil06 is online now
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Re: Getting annoyed easy is it anxiety?

Thanks for the replies. Just the last week I have been letting things annoy me easy. I have started taking things the wrong way more.

I'm not sure if it's stress..I do feel a bit of pressure to make this year better for me as last year and the years before I did things and never achieved anything.

Like at the moment I am single and not had a date in ages, and I have been out of work for about 3 months. There's also just general stuff going on in the family.

I have been struggling with sleep for a few months just have a lot on my mind all the time and struggle to relax. I have this cycle of worries which keeps coming round. My anxiety seems to look into the past and I start expecting something similar to happen again.

Like at the moment my biggest fear is going mad or snapping since I have been taking things the wrong way. I have had the anxiety bad for about a year now and the taking things the wrong way has worried me not sure if it could be it's just come forward to my mind or something or it's the sleep?

I can't go another bad year so maybe I am over trying?
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Old 16-01-08, 22:59
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doglover doglover is offline
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Re: Getting annoyed easy is it anxiety?

Hi Phil
i think you are worrying unnecessarily about this. When we are stressed, we have a shorter fuse and let things annoy us more. It may or may not be the anxiety. I know the older i get the less patient i have become. Sometimes i spend my whole day moaning about everything like a miserable old man! Its mostly undeserved! Not getting enough sleep definatley shortens anyones fuse.
Donna x
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