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Old 08-02-08, 21:06
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Janieb Janieb is offline
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me again! - Pulsing sensation in leg

Sorry it's me again...I do apologise if I am getting on anybody's nerves. I am just having such a horrable time.

A new one for me and what is keeping my heart rate up tonight heh and the last couple of days on and off. in my right thigh I have a pulsing feeling like I can almost feel the blood rushing through my leg after my heart beat. It's such an odd feeling not felt something like it before it's like a little bit of a buzzing sensation.

There is no pain or burning of something it's just more annoying but it is stressing me out in a bit way. When I put my leg up it doesn't go away...I just want it to go away!!!

has anybody experianced this?? should I be concerned?? How can I get rid of it?? any help would be great! I am just worried my BP is super high or something which is causing this but it appears to be isolated to my right thigh for now.

Appreciate any feedback, this is so doing my head in!!

Thanks ,
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Old 08-02-08, 21:21
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Alisonj Alisonj is offline
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Re: me again! - Pulsing sensation in leg

OMG, I get this all the time. I have been so worried that it is a clot or something. Truthfully I do not know what it is but because I have had it happen for so long and nothing serious has happened I tend not to worry to badly.
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Old 09-02-08, 22:01
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Janieb Janieb is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 317
Re: me again! - Pulsing sensation in leg

Thank your reply Alison, as you know it is always refreshing to know that you are not the only one.

life at the moment is turning upsidown...it's got to be bad when your terapist says you need a physiciatrist (sp)
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Old 09-02-08, 23:07
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doglover doglover is offline
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Re: me again! - Pulsing sensation in leg

Ive had this as well on and off the last few weeks. It can be anywhere from my legs to my neck/back /hands/feet. I am just ignoring it when it happens (as best i can lol)
I also have no idea what it is but notice it when im sitting or lying still.
Donna x
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Old 13-02-08, 15:03
nikita nikita is offline
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Re: me again! - Pulsing sensation in leg

ive had this a lot too, usually in my leg, sometimes chest/stomach/arm/back - usually if im tired, its perfectly normal and very common so dont worry
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Old 18-07-11, 09:35
kanika kanika is offline
Join Date: Jul 2011
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Re: me again! - Pulsing sensation in leg

OMG! i also started experiencing this for 1 week in my right thigh. At first i thought it was my cellphone vibrating but it got more and more irritating. Last night i couldn't sleep because of this. dats y i got more concerned and i googled it. And i got to know that there are many who get the same feeling. Then i read this page and noticed that its been more then 3 yrs. when u posted this. So, i want to know do u get the feeling now also? Or if u don't, then what helped?? i m really worried. Plz help! Thanx
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Old 18-07-11, 11:03
countrygirl countrygirl is offline
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Re: me again! - Pulsing sensation in leg

Does it feel like you have a tuning fork ( if you know what I am on about) and someone has hit it and its vibrating in pulses?? If so I first had this when I was 22 and I am now 50!! I have had 5 mri brain scans over that time and its def not MS or anything neuro. With me it lasted about 4 months and then went away but it has come back on and off over the years. I do have herniated discs in my lumbar spine which have been a problem for past 10 years and when my lower back really goes then I get terrible muscle twitching in my thigh that is directly related to the pressure on the nerves in my lumbar spine SO I would assume that the vibrating sensation could very easily just be from a very slightly iffy lower back, when I was 22 I did not have any back pain at all but experience and old age! has let me work out what was probably happening.
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Old 12-06-13, 21:32
busybee09 busybee09 is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2012
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Re: me again! - Pulsing sensation in leg

I've had this all day at work so have come home and been very naughty jumping straight onto google !! It took me to the nomorepanic website so i thought okay maybe im bein a hypocondriac because most things i google tend to show up with this site!

Hoep it goes soon :(
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Old 13-06-13, 00:50
StarryBlueGal StarryBlueGal is offline
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Re: me again! - Pulsing sensation in leg

Yep got this in my legs, everywhere in my body. It is annoying me and making me upset and worried. I don't know what causes it and I don't think it is anxiety.... it does feel like a tuning fork and it comes in pulses. It starts at my back and feet. I notice that it is very common. I don't want to be depressed over this.

Starry xx
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Old 22-04-15, 21:18
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MrsMotorMouth MrsMotorMouth is offline
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Re: me again! - Pulsing sensation in leg

This started in my leg 2days ago & i'm worried out my mind :( it seems to be at the back of my leg just above my knee joint & also below the knee joint. I don't have a clue what this is but it's worrying me so much. I'm scared to visit my GP coz i'm sure she thinks i'm a hypocondriac everytime i walk in her office she rolls her eyes. I really do not know what to do i'm Sooooo scared & crying as i type this :( any advice would be greatfully appriciated PLEASE HELP i'm so anxious need my mind putting at rest. Thanks Guys

take care

Bea Xx
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