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Old 22-02-08, 11:49
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Unhappy Tingling sensation in jaw!

Does anyone suffer from a tingling sensation , almost like your jaw ( or any other part of the body) is numb? I had this before Christmas too, in my jaw, which seem to move to my head and my back too? I did dissappear but last night I woke with an awful tingling sensation in my bottom lip which seem to calm down but now I have a milder version in my jaw.

Is this due to anxiety?

I hate having all these symptoms as you feel like your in a vicious circle with HA as you get these symptoms and it makes you think you have something else which in turn worried you and makes the symptoms worse!

I want to be normal!!

Thanks for listening,

Pauline x
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Old 22-02-08, 12:14
MelissaM MelissaM is offline
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Re: Tingling sensation in jaw!

Hi Pauline

Tension caused by stress and anxiety can build up in our jaws. Each person is different, some people get tension like a tight band around their heads, others in their neck and shoulders. But the jaw is definitely one of the places where tension builds up. And these tense muscles could easily start tingling after a while, especially if you've been tense while asleep or grinding your teeth.

Do you know any relaxation exercises - like tensing each muscle group, then relaxing them? You could try that or anything else that helps you to unwind. I find the best thing is not to think about it too much, distract youself with something else if you can. You're right about the worrying - the more you worry and stress the more your body is going to get tense and produce more sensations.

You are normal! Your body is doing what it should be! Our fight or flight stress response is a normal bodily reaction, it's just when we have an anxiety disorder we're telling our body to trigger this response at the wrong time.

I know it's easy for me to say this and quite another thing to believe it when you're anxious but I hope I've helped a bit. I used to have agoraphobia but my anxiety was focused around my health - I used to be on red alert for every 'new' symptom, it was a nightmare but somehow I've managed to overcome it.


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Old 22-02-08, 14:37
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Re: Tingling sensation in jaw!

it sounds like anxiety alright.I use to get numbness on the left side of my face and left side of my head.

whatever wiring is wrong in my brain I reckon its on the left side of LOL

bet x
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Old 22-02-08, 21:45
curly P curly P is offline
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Re: Tingling sensation in jaw!

Hi Pauline32
I had exact same symptoms on Boxing Day. My bottom lip and jaw right down to my chin felt numb. I also got a weird prickling feeling down my back - then it felt numb. It really scared me. I went to my doctor and she said it was a pinched nerve - and guess what? Tension and anxiety can cause it!
I have suffered with anxiety since I was just 10 years old (i had a bit of a bad experience..) - I am now 33. I must have had every single symptom going and I still worry. I have finally realised that I will never stop worrying about my health - that's just the way my mind works; but it's about controlling it - not letting it control you.
One thing I find useful is to write stuff down. I keep little notebooks and when I feel a symotom I flick though my notbooks and see that I have usually had it before - and it went away. If it's a new symptom, write it down and tell yourself you will give it 24 hours and see if it's any worse - then go see a doctor. 9 times out of 10 it's gone -and I will have found something else to worry about!
Health anxiety is such a lonely and fraustrating condition. But it need not control you - I have been to uni, got a degree, held down a good job, got married and had a baby - all whilst suffering anxiety and panic. It has made it all so much harder but I refuse to let it ruin my life. Yes it is exhausting and upsetting but you are not alone - hope you feel better x
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Old 23-02-08, 11:07
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Re: Tingling sensation in jaw!

Thank you very much for your posts! I feel alot better now. CurlyP, I can understand completely where you are coming from as I have suffered for a long time too. I am trying to control my anxiety the best I can and sometimes feel like I am winning but other times feel like its engulfing me. I would love to wake one morning and it for it to be gone forever, but I doubt that its going to happen. The best I can do is try and keep one step ahead of it and realise that alot of my symptoms are anxiety.

Thats a very good idea about keeping a diary. I think I will do that.

Thanks again for all your replies.

Pauline xx
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Old 23-02-08, 21:37
curly P curly P is offline
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Red face Re: Tingling sensation in jaw!

Hi again Pauline (that's actually my name too!!!)
I have had a particaurly bad day today. Just seem to be swamped with anxiety - very weird sensations all over me. But I am determined not to give in - am writing it all down that way I find you don't need to 'keep so much in your head'. I think so much of anxiety is thinking too much - we tend to think all the time and never just 'do'. I think it makes us all more caring, sensitive people - but we just can't find that 'off' switch. I hope my post was of some help. I have a great book that you might find helpful - it's really old but you can still buy it very easily. It's called 'self help for your nerves' by Dr Claire weekes. It's a bit old fashioned but of all the books I have read it is the one that i found was most useful in explaining weird physical symptoms. It also gives you exapmles of other people and i felt i could identify with them so much.
It's nice to know you are not alone, but it's awful to think there are so many other people going through the same awful thing. But we will get through it xxx
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