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Old 29-02-08, 19:27
Mumto2 Mumto2 is offline
New member
Join Date: Feb 2008
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Aching Left Arm


I am new here (I have posted on the introduction board) I suffer with health anxiety, and I keep getting a really bad ache right down my left arm, sometimes it lasts for minutes other times it lasts for days.

I can accept all my other aches and pains from my anxiety but I this achy arm is driving me mad, my GP has said it is anxiety so I guess I have to believe that but I think I would feel better if someone else said they had the same thing.

Many Thanks
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Old 29-02-08, 19:34
jodie jodie is offline
Senior Member
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Re: Aching Left Arm

hiya carrie

i have had this befor hun i used to think omg is it my heart ect but as time went on it got better,it could be the way you sleep mabe your sleeping on your arm ect .i am sure you doc is right and it is just your anx (hard to belive at times i know ) go back and see him if it gets no better i think i had mine for months on and off .

jodie xxxx
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Old 29-02-08, 19:52
Mumto2 Mumto2 is offline
New member
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 53
Re: Aching Left Arm

Thanks Jodie, that makes me feel better already knowing i'm not the only one that has this. I have seen 2 different Dr's about it and they both say its anxiety, I just worry that they are missing something because I have been labelled with anxiety will they ever test if something is wrong?
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Old 01-03-08, 10:18
Jjeni Jjeni is offline
New member
Join Date: Feb 2008
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Re: Aching Left Arm

Hi mum - if you look on the symptoms board i posted about the exact same thing yesturday !!! i did really freak out and the guys here helped put my mind at rest !! so i jsut told myself its only anxiety and it cant hurt me - then distracted myself - it took some doing i tell you cause i normally work myself into a right state and was absolutely convinced i was having a heart attack !! But it wore off last night when i was talking to my friend ont he phone - funny that lol oh what the mind does !!! xxx
Jeni xx
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Old 01-03-08, 16:40
northern_sky northern_sky is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
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Re: Aching Left Arm

Welcome to the forum Mumto2.

I've had my arm pain back for three weeks, ever since I heard of a neighbour having a heart attack (his Wife described his arm pain to me). Today it is bad as I carried a lot of shopping in my rucksack before and got a bad pain just as I came in the house, then I got pins and needles. I'm hoping it is 'just' anxiety and rucksack pain.

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Old 01-03-08, 20:14
Chickadee's Avatar
Chickadee Chickadee is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 8
Re: Aching Left Arm

Hi there mumto2 - i was relieved to read your post as i came on to write a post about the exact same thing!!! My fingers on my left hand also feel like they re slightly numb, and a little slow at reacting. I (stupidly) googled 'carpal tunnel syndrome', thinking that i had that, and of course i come away thinking that i am either taking a heartattack or a stroke!!! My husband reassured me that if that was the case then it would have happened by now as i have been having these symptoms since Wednesday, he is correct of course, but i just need to be told it!

Coincidentally, this 'arm ache' which I have has been there since the night after the earthquake, which we felt really badly (live in Lincolnshire) , and i have been getting my anxiety feelings back again since then. I also almost had a PA when the earthquake happened, scared to death, thought it was the end of the world!!! Dramatic i know!!! But it has made me angry as i have been doing really well, and not been anxious since before christmas and i know it was the earthquake that triggered it again.

I just find it bizzarre that 'arm ache' is a sympton of anxiety, but i have read it so many times that it is a sympton (along with all the other aches that i get).

Did the earthquake scare anyone else as much as me? I thought there would be more posts about the earthquake on here, maybe i am the only scardy cat on here then, ha ha!!

Sorry i have gone on a bit here, but it feels good to write down how i am feeling, and reassured that someone else has the same feelings/emotions/symptons!!!

Chickadee x
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Old 02-03-08, 00:48
doglover's Avatar
doglover doglover is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 155
Re: Aching Left Arm

Hello there
i often have pains in my left upper arm, sometimes the right too but mainly the left. I am sure its muscular caused by anxiety. Feels tender if i press on it too and sometimes get pain in wrists.
Most of my symptoms of anxiety manifest in muscle pain particularly in my upper back.
I think its quite common and you shouldn't worry about it.
Donna xx
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Old 03-03-08, 14:23
nottsfemale nottsfemale is offline
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 5
Re: Aching Left Arm

Hi there i am new to the forum, it was recommended to me by a friend. I can relate to your left arm ache i also suffer from it but every now and again i get pains in my chest aswell like this morning at 3am i was wakened by a pain in my chest which then sent me into a panic attack and i still feel weak yet. I have suffered this for more than a year now and have had ultra sounds on my heart and ecg and a stress test all which have come back normal, my doctor also says it is stress and anxiety but thats it no more help and it is really frightening.

take care
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Old 09-03-08, 16:44
AngelHeart's Avatar
AngelHeart AngelHeart is offline
Intermediate Member
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Re: Aching Left Arm

Just like to add that I'm suffering from the same symptom at the moment since last week. Ache in upper left arm, shoulder, neck and upper back. I have worried about it but for the first time ( go me!! lol ) thought logical about it too. If it had been my heart I would have known about it by now and also I have a physical lifting job where I have to lift things above my head height, sometimes heavy things so this doesn't help with my arm either!

Sounds like either a pulled muscle or tension hun. the more I think and worry about the ache in my arm the worse it gets!!

Oh to be symptom free for a change! But I would probably start to worry about that too if I was!!

Pauline xx
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Old 10-03-08, 13:04
Mumto2 Mumto2 is offline
New member
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 53
Re: Aching Left Arm

Thank you so much everyone, I have realised over the last couple of days that this is tension, it didn't feel like tension at first but the pain is now right across my shoulder,neck and upper back.

I seem to have so much going on the I don't know what is anxiety and what is not, having just replied to another post (The quesionaire) I realise all my aches, pains etc seem to be stress related.

Now just to find a way to deal with this so it goes away, I have had almost constant arm ache since december and even though I am being rational it isn't making the pain go away.

Thank you all so much, its such a relief just knowing I am not the only one suffering, I feel constantly uptight and stiff at the moment.

Nottsfemale, I also have the sharp pains in my chest at times and it is very scary but it is all related to the anxiety.
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