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Social Anxiety Please post any messages here about Social Anxiety.
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Old 19-03-08, 23:29
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Selective Mutism

Does anyone else have selective mutism? I have been doing some reasearch on it lately and there was a report about it on TV last week. It is wonderful to finally see people talking about it. Those of us with Selective Mutism are labeled, shy, quiet, and introverts. It's not becuase we want to be like this, it is a social anxiety. When I was a child I did not speak a word in kindergarten or First grade even though I was normal at home. The teacher had never heard my voice and didn't know I could read. Teachers and children were very cruel to me in school and I still have difficulty talking. I would very much like to overcome this. I hate being told I am quiet, it makes it worse.
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Old 20-03-08, 00:49
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Re: Selective Mutism

Hi Critter

My heart goes out to you hun, this must be soooo hard for you I do not have this but have seen programmes on the tv, it is mainly found in children, but if not treated can carry on to adult life, it is a servear form of anx, social anxiety and can be treated. From what I know, they treat this with CBT, there is info on this site about CBT. I have heard of lots of success storyies with this thearpy.

I have some social anxiety, but I know that there are people out there who are alot worse than me. I was labeled as a shy child and this label, DID NOT help at all. For myself, I lack confidance and low self asteam, but work on this all the time, trying dame hard to change the way I think. Learn to like myself more. I am happy with my progress, not had a pa or high anxiety in a ling time, but my SA, is going to take MORE time, after all, I'm changing a habit of a lifetime.

I know its dame hard for you right now, but focus more on what to do next, look into CBT, buy some books on CBT, they are a good read.

As I said, I am not to bad, I have been doing things alone with no help from therapy, BUT, what I do know is, when I started suffering panic, high anx a good few years ago, it was this site that help me more than anything.

The programmed I seen was a young child, it followed the child and her mum, in the house and in school, the therapist worked with the child and her mum and ohhhhh boy, YOU SHOULD have seen the results, WOW, the child spoke, but this came after time, BUT it was great, I cried with joy for the child and her mother.

It IS possible to get better hun, with alot of hard work time and support, look into therapys, this is the way forward and keep posting on here, this site is a great place to be, you will get lots of support on here.



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