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Old 25-03-08, 00:21
debsydoorknocker debsydoorknocker is offline
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fluttering or bubbling feeling in legs


I really hope someone can help here - I have been getting these strange feelings mainly in my left leg but also in the right. IT FEELS LIKE A FLUTTERING IN MY LEG. it feels like the blood running through my veins. It also feels like something is alive inside my leg and is prodding to get out. It feels like a vibration in my leg. it is really scaring me now. Does anyone else ever feel this?
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Old 25-03-08, 19:53
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scooby28 scooby28 is offline
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Re: fluttering or bubbling feeling in legs

I have had this in the past feels like my leg is vibrating in certain parts, it normally goes away in me I try not to think about it cos i think it would feel worse. I'm sure it will go away soon.
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Old 30-03-08, 21:35
dorabella dorabella is offline
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Re: fluttering or bubbling feeling in legs

Sounds like Restless Leg Syndrome to me. It's very common in anxiety sufferers and usually can be described as a constant desire to move legs due to buzzing, tingling or other nervous feelings in the legs. From my experience of it it is most common at night. As soon as I lie down in bed it starts and keeps me awake.

Nothing really to worry about - it will suddenly stop as inexplicably as it started.
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bubbling, feeling, fluttering, legs

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