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Old 01-04-08, 21:29
Trish Trish is offline
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Feels like a brick on my chest...

Does anyone else ever get this? It feels really heavy high up on my chest. I do suffer with Asthma and chest infections (embrassed to say i'm a smoker ), but i have been fine to the point that i've not had to use my inhalers regularly for a few months, which is really good for me as i had been using them morning and night for years.

I'm worried i may have lung cancer, my half sister died of it 6 years ago and that plays on my mind.

My last chest xray showed that my left lung had marks on it, but my gp said "it was nothing nasty, just showed i was a smoker' I wasn't reassured by him so i went back and saw a gp who i'd never seen before and she also said it was nothing to worry about.

I battle with myself all the time my sensible head tells me if there was something wrong i'd be using my inhalers more, not a lot less...then my HA kicks in and all reasoning goes out the window!

Sorry for going on

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Old 01-04-08, 21:40
miss motown miss motown is offline
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Re: Feels like a brick on my chest...

hi trish i no that feeling very well the heavyness on your chest ive had this worry for years and tonight i have that same dreaded heavyness againe im also a smoker id love to pack them in but its easier said than done ive been to a&e so many times with chest pains and that crushing heavy feeling in my chest thd docs tell me its anxiety but im not so convinced and like yourself my mind plays tricks on me and i start to belive i have all kinds wrong grrrrr
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Old 02-04-08, 03:52
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Re: Feels like a brick on my chest...

I've had the heavy feeling in the chest that sometimes hurt so bad and it was constant for 2 months and guess what after all the tests it came back down to anxiety and once i was told this i accepted it and it was gone :P Funny how that works huh.. Now i wish i could accept that my dizziness is anxiety lol

Good Luck
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