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Health Anxiety Are you plagued by fears about your body or health? Are you suffering from Health Anxiety? Please check other sub-forums first to see if your problem should be posted there instead. E.G. the IBS forum or the medication forum or the symptoms forum.
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Old 09-04-08, 04:18
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I have a feeling this is whats gonna happen????

Seems like i always have a long list of symptoms and if i sit here long enough i can come up with more, i always have pain somewhere (head, neck, chest, tummy, legs, arms, etc) Most friends and family don't even blink an eye anymore when i say about a "new" pain cuz they all believe its my anxiety, they don't even care when i do have a pain. So here is my belief,,,,One day i'm gonna have a pain that really "IS" something and everyone including myself is gonna write it off as my anxiety, its gonna continue to get worse but we're all gonna think its still my anxiety then one day it will be too late and i wont be able to function then i will die. That is what i see my future to be, kinda scarey to me! Dr's don't believe me anymore, i've seen all the dr's in my area and even a few out of my area and they all write it down as anxiety. I don't have insurance so my husband said we can no longer afford these visits to the dr. I agree with him, things are getting expensive and the dr costs at least $75 to just walk in the office. If you haven't already figured it out i'm going through a really "down" period and i have nothing positive to think about right now. I'm having really bad pain in my lower left tummy, more to my hip and i know thats it has to be ovarian cancer or worse so i have pretty much planned my bleak future And what really sucks is i was doing so good for about 2 weeks and BAM here i am again, Lots Of Self Pity Comming From Me This Week
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Old 09-04-08, 10:52
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Re: I have a feeling this is whats gonna happen????

hi ya, i am so sorry your going thro a rough time at the minet, i hope things gets better. i to have health related anxiety, i also ahve lot more going on then anxiety and p/a and deprestion, i have a few health conditicons an i never know sometimes what is what, and i go on over load and worry that i have a new pain and start away think about the owrsest case and automatcily thing i am going to die! i know it hard to belive that your NOT going to die. Have you tried reading about health anxiety, i got a 2 books about it and it has help me understand it so much better and has even me new ways to help my self.

I think somtimes we should think about things a bit more, if we were going to get a bad illness that we are going to die from we would be alout sicker then we are now and also there are alout of things out there to help now with canser and shuch like, there are more and more ways that are coming out to help people with theses condictions, the sucess rate is going up from what i have read!

i hope this has help please try not worry
amanda xx Hug xx (ps sorry about my spelling i know its really bad)
dont worry about today, for today was the tomorrow you worried about yeaterday
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feeling, gonna, happen

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