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Old 21-04-08, 21:32
Issy_Bum Issy_Bum is offline
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Fluttering in low stomach?

Hi, I don't really come on here too much but I'm a bit worried at the moment because for the last couple of hours I've been experiencing a fluttering, twitching sensation in my lower stomach - underneath my belly button. It feels a bit like a heartbeat but it isn't regualr enough to be mine. It doesn't hurt at all but it does feel a bit weird. Any advice would be much appreciated before I send myself off into a total panic.
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Old 21-04-08, 21:50
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SueBee SueBee is offline
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Re: Fluttering in low stomach?

Hey, I get that too. Its like palpatations but in my stomach, a bit like a pulse only more intense. Sorry I cant explain it to you but I'd like to find out too
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Old 14-10-08, 13:02
debs1104 debs1104 is offline
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Re: Fluttering in low stomach?

Can i ask if anyone has actually found out what this fluttering is, as i have had it a couple of times now and having health anxiety i stupidly googled it and every result came back to a pregnancy website. And although my periods are irregular i am near enough positive that i cannot be pregnant, so does anyone know of any other reason for this feeling which is sometimes a fluttering/ pop corn popping inside you feeling
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Old 14-10-08, 18:44
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Re: Fluttering in low stomach?

I have had this for years
I agree it does feel like the flutterings when pregnant but in fact it is wind/gas,bowel/muscle spasms , unnerving but normal
H x
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Old 14-10-08, 19:03
lorac lorac is offline
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Re: Fluttering in low stomach?

Hey I get these too, sometimes just below my ribs and sometimes in the stomach. I don't know what they are but sometimes I get them after I have eaten food.

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Old 15-10-08, 08:02
andie73's Avatar
andie73 andie73 is offline
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Re: Fluttering in low stomach?

I've had these for years, it's just muscle spasms. Try not to think about it too much. If I lie down and look at my stomach I can even see the muscles spasming. I put it down to anx but whatever the cause it's nothing to worry about it will go away, probably when you stop thinking of it.

Take care
Andrea xx
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Old 15-10-08, 16:20
yanksforever yanksforever is offline
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Re: Fluttering in low stomach?

It's nothing dangerous. I get it basically all over my body. Recently I had it on the left side of my abdomin. Right now my eye is fluttering. It's normal.
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Old 15-10-08, 20:07
janeybaby25's Avatar
janeybaby25 janeybaby25 is offline
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Re: Fluttering in low stomach?

I get this & suffer from IBS. It's usually just cramp or gas.
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Old 29-03-09, 17:25
deniselyme deniselyme is offline
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Re: Fluttering in low stomach?

Well at last I have found other women with the same flutterings! I too have had this sensation of "someone" living in the pit of my stomach and after some investigation was diagnosed as having Magnesium deficiency and within 7/10 days of taking a good dosage it went away for a long time. The other systems which I did not associate with the spasms was a tightening of the throat; a low threshhold to noise; tiredness; low blood pressure. I also developed shingles, which I still have after nine months!!!
Any help with the shingles would be appreciated though.
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Old 05-03-14, 03:27
madi madi is offline
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Re: Fluttering in low stomach?

Hi i am 17 and i have been getting this fluttering feeling in my lower stomach. Its been happening every couple of minutes but every time i try to go run to my mom to show her, it stops. I'm glad i found this sight and glad to see all of your reply's on this subject. It has really helped and I'm not so worried about it as much as before. Yes it does feel really weird but i just try to ignore it and continue on with what I'm doing. Thank You!
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fluttering, low, stomach

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