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Old 03-06-08, 13:57
Grover Grover is offline
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Indent in skull (coronal suture) ??

This may sound like a strange one but I have noticed I can feel a line/slight indent on the top of my skull just above my forehead when I run my finger tips over the area (i have a shaved head). I am pretty sure it is the seam of the skull plates called the 'coronal suture' where they join. It feels about 2 to 3 mils wide and about an inch long. Can the seams be un-smoothe?

Does anyone know if the coronal suture can often be felt/or seen on adults. Or does anyone notice this on their own head. In certain light I can see a slight dip where I just described.

Does anyone notice this on themselves or partners etc. Im thinking it's just an uneven area of my skull but like alas it is causing a bit of worry.

Many thanks for feedback.
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Old 03-06-08, 14:47
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juanna juanna is offline
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Re: Indent in skull (coronal suture) ??

Hi Grover, We all have it; it's your soft spot ( fontanelle ) and when your'e a baby, and the skull bones fuse, there is still a slight indentation; so you don't have to worry. If you don't like seeing it just grow you hair back very short... Juanna
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Old 03-06-08, 19:35
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Re: Indent in skull (coronal suture) ??

OMG I worry about the same thing!! Lol. I thought my skull might be splitting or something daft like that. o.0

It's fine. Everyone has 'em .. Just you can feel 'em more on some folk. ^^ I use to feel the bf's if I got scared lmao.
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