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Old 06-06-08, 22:15
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Itchy/prickly Skin

I have had prickly itchy skin on and off for around 2 months now its driving me mad, does anyone know what causes this?
I dont have anxiety at presnt, only this. At first i thought it was pins & needles but it just feels like as i described a prickly sensation that is itchy. The only medication i take is 5-htp but cant find anythink on the relation to this.

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Old 06-06-08, 22:37
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Re: Itchy/prickly Skin

Hi you don't mention where it's itchy; but sounds like you mean all over. Could be prickly heat or an allergy.. Have it checked out by your doctor... Juanna
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Old 07-06-08, 00:08
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Re: Itchy/prickly Skin

Hi hun,

I am no gp, but I know of a few things that can cause this prob,

You may had had a reaction to something you have eating or are eating, it could be the meds or some food or drink, a mild reaction.

It maybe prickly heat, I get this alot in hot weather.

Allso anxiety can cause some symptoms like this, due to the nervous symstem. The nervous system is a very complex network of electrically charged nerves which are found in every square centimeter of your body, around every organ, muscle and across your skin, the largest organ in the body. Abnormal nerve impulses due to anxiety can cause a vast array of strange sensations; although quite harmless these can be very disturbing.

Hun if this is really bothering you, please pop along to your gp, peace of mind goes along way.

You take care, let us know how things go.

Hope it easers off soon.

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Old 07-06-08, 11:57
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Re: Itchy/prickly Skin

Thanks everone for your help. I am going to keep an eye on it & if it continues go to the docs!
I would say its prickly heat but it really aint that hot & when i was away last week i had he rash but no itching...odd!!!
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Old 07-06-08, 12:08
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Re: Itchy/prickly Skin

Hi Nicola,

A visit to your local chemist may give you an idea.it could be hayfever,a heat rash,reaction to a washing powder,etc etc.
Hope you get an answer soon.

Best wishes,
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Old 26-04-15, 12:18
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Re: Itchy/prickly Skin

My son has had this condition for about three years now.

The doctors he has visited have no answers.

If you go to: ehealthforum.com/health/topic104289.html

The posts by Sprj on March 24 2011, and Benjamin79 on February 28 2013 sound interesting to me.

Hope this helps.

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itchy or prickly, skin

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