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Old 19-06-08, 16:45
halfnormal halfnormal is offline
New member
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Water Drops on skin Sensation

Anyone ever think that water just fell on their skin but their is no water.

its kinda like a pins/needles feeling but more random and all over my body. Like I usually feel it on my arms and hands (but sometimes on my legs or neck)

Its way random though. Like one drop feeling and then one like 10 minutes later and then none for a day or two.

Or it could be described as the feeling you get when you first start running/sweating. Like your pores are opening.

Anyways I'm sure normal people would never notice this God bless anxiety

Anyways! Anyone had this experience.
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Old 20-06-08, 06:41
turnthelighton's Avatar
turnthelighton turnthelighton is offline
Intermediate Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
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Re: Water Drops on skin Sensation

Hi I have had this especially down the left side, I even go to brush it off and then realise it is not water or anything. I have even mentioned it to the Docs in the past and they were not worried.

Dont you just love Health Anxiety!
One Day at a Time
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Old 22-07-09, 21:43
justbananas justbananas is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2009
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Re: Water Drops on skin Sensation

i have this - feels like rain drops on me. anyone else get this ever and can describe it?
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Old 22-07-09, 22:20
cutebear's Avatar
cutebear cutebear is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 8
Re: Water Drops on skin Sensation


Yes, I get this too. It is normally on my left leg and feels like droplets of water are running down.
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Old 22-07-09, 22:43
looking4answers's Avatar
looking4answers looking4answers is offline
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Re: Water Drops on skin Sensation

Absolutely! I have had this most of my life. I thinik it has something to do with dry skin or the inability to prespire. Im not a doctor but I have had it so long its pretty normal for me .

Im just amazed anyone else had it and had to respond to say yes. Im not sure but I don't think its uncommon. Its just many people never mention it.
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Old 24-07-09, 20:42
indigo's Avatar
indigo indigo is offline
New member
Join Date: Nov 2008
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Re: Water Drops on skin Sensation

I have had this too. When i first had it i kept saying to people " i think its raining" but the rain never came. It's a really wierd sensation isn't it!!!
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Old 27-07-09, 13:58
LisaLisa's Avatar
LisaLisa LisaLisa is offline
Intermediate Member
Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 798
Re: Water Drops on skin Sensation

I get this too, really wierd like a big cold drop of rain landing on my head usually. I also get a really wierd sensation like hot water pouring down my tummy, only at one side. I have only started to get that since caeseran and its where the scar is.

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Old 26-09-11, 04:07
applewine applewine is offline
Join Date: Sep 2011
Posts: 36
Re: Water Drops on skin Sensation


The sensations you are all describing are called dysesthesia. Please PM me because I'm trying to find other people who have this and I'm seeing doctors and can't figure it out. For me I feel water when I move in the chair, cross my legs, pressure, bend etc and just randomly. Hopefully the forum will send me an email notifying me of the PM. I don't normally use this forum.

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Old 26-09-11, 10:18
crystal17's Avatar
crystal17 crystal17 is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2011
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Re: Water Drops on skin Sensation

Yes I've had this for years on and off, you are not alone!
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Old 17-10-12, 19:28
jaideep jaideep is offline
Join Date: Oct 2012
Posts: 1
Re: Water Drops on skin Sensation

Hi there !! Nice to hear from you guys and know that i am not the only one with these fealings.

I have been fealing water drops all over my body from last 2 years.
I get this fealing all the time .. althrough the day any time i take out in the day to think something i get water fealing on my body..

Water on my thighs .. water through my eyes as if i am crying . it is scary !

Now i have accepted this water 24*7 in my life ..

Lately i have been visiting a phycatrist but he is clueless..

I loved a girl and she didnt even bothered to see me and after me doing few foolish calling to her mobile she left me ... Ever since then i have a Proper sign language with water over my body which is meaningfull ..

I swear by god ! i really feal it .. HELP !!
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