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Sertraline / Zoloft / Lustral Post here any messages about sertraline
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Old 04-08-08, 16:10
Doug10562 Doug10562 is offline
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Zoloft and Neck Pain?

Anyone experiance Neck Stiffness or Pain with Zolof? I just started taking it a few days ago and now all of a sudden my Neck feels stiff and sometimes tight.

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Old 05-08-08, 16:00
MessedUp MessedUp is offline
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Re: Zoloft and Neck Pain?

I've had that for years, so I can't tell if Zoloft is having any extra effect.

You can get those symptoms from grinding teeth at night, which upsets the jaw joint and neck muscles - so it's quite possible that having an extra substance in your bloodstream may be causing you to grind at night.

If it gets too much, it's possible for a dentist to give you a 'splint' (like a brace but not so attached) or 'biteguard' to wear at night to stop your jaw movements and protect your teeth - if you can bear it in all night long.

I mean to try this one day, but haven't quite gotten around to going to the dentist for anxiety/panic reasons!
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Old 08-08-08, 20:01
Doug10562 Doug10562 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 20
Re: Zoloft and Neck Pain?

Neck pains went away once I stopped taking the Zoloft One less thing to worry about.. Going to stay away from the SSRI fam of drugs since they just dont agree with me.. My Dr thinks I will be fine taking a Benzo till we can figure out where the panic is coming from.
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neck, pain, zoloft

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