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Old 16-08-08, 23:45
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Patchy/Blotchy/Mottled Palms

I posted something in the symptoms forum, but it was annexed onto another thread and got buried. If posting again here is a no-no, the mods may feel free to mete out their most horrific punishment, I'm just feeling kinda anxious right now...

I know some other people have mottled palms, red/pinkish with white spots, almost in a patchy lacework pattern. I've got these, too, and I'm not sure if I recently developed them or if they've always been like that. Raising my hands above heart level helps when they're really bad, but they look that way much of the time, though sometimes really subtly. I had an M.D. (though a psychiatrist, he went to med school) look at them at work, and he's baffled. Not sure what's up, but said they're probably fine...but he's not a "real" doctor, so I'm not sure what to think.

I had blood taken and labs run back in April, so liver problems (cirrhosis, hepatitis) probably aren't to blame, but I'm not sure what else it might be. Heck, I can't even decide if perhaps they've always been this way! I wonder if it's a circulation issue or something. I am pretty pale and thin, with lots of visible veins in my arms/hands, so that may have something to do with it, too...I know redness shows up more easily on those of us who look like vampires...

Anyone else have this issue and had a doctor check it out? Any insight into the issue? I'm trying not to let this get me too worried, and (kind of) doing an okay job of it, but some reassurance would be great, if anyone can help.


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Old 18-08-08, 16:04
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Re: Patchy/Blotchy/Mottled Palms

hiya, ive had this on my legs, never noticed it before, became freaked out by it, obsessed by it, was it normal etc.....came to the conclusion that its probably always been there, just never really noticed it. i was looking at my legs constantly, looking for changes etc..noticing the veins were bluer than normal,...then looked at my kids legs...and guess what, theres were also blotchy, and i know theres nothing wrong with them.

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Old 24-10-10, 21:20
redlord redlord is offline
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Re: Patchy/Blotchy/Mottled Palms

This condition is very complex to answer and there are three differential causes,I know this because I suffer from this.I have seen cardiologists, rhuematologists,and finally a neurologist.However non has a adequate reason for this condition until I read a article called vegative vascular dystonia or in another name,autonomic dysfunction.Basically the nervous system is breaking down.Unfortunately the reasons can be kidney problems,neurological problems genetic or brought on by kidney problems.It should be noted however reducing content of protein in the daily diet and maintaining hydration helps kidney function.Otherwise it could be raynauds phenomena or over- intoxication from medications.I say this because if you have ever seen someone who is allergic to meds they break out in a rash as the liver rejects the compounds as failure to cope exhibits the rash.So three possibles -Raynauds-allergy-Vegative vascular dystonia?
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