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Old 31-08-08, 10:23
Vicki08 Vicki08 is offline
New member
Join Date: Jun 2008
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I can feel my pulse everywhere!

Hey Guys,
Im just wondering if any of you have this problem:
Just lately, I can feel my heartbeat very strongly throughout my body. Like I am just sitting here all quiet and i can feel and hear my heartbeat in my stomach, in my chest and in my throat.
Its really unsettling especially when it is going fast
This has happened lots of times - especially after eating and when I am laying in bed at night. Its driving me nuts. I keep thinking I have a blood clot or hight blood pressure or something and its really scaring me.
I am not going to google it as I am too scared of what I will find out
I have had ECG's and blood tests (all fine) and the last time I had my blood pressure checked it was a little high at 140/87 but I think it was because I was having a panic attack in the doctors surgery. I am 24 years old so hopefully my age means theres nothing seriously wrong.....??

Why can you feel your pulse everywhere in your body? I can even feel it now in my hands! argghhh!
Seriously though guys, is this just another weird symptom of anxiety or do I really have a problem?

Vicki x
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Old 31-08-08, 10:29
Jaco45er Jaco45er is offline
Senior Member
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Re: I can feel my pulse everywhere!


I get this all the time, it's just anxiety. Anxiety sufferers are more "tuned in" to thier bodies so we tend to notice our heartbeat all over, and even pounding in our ears.

Sometimes if I am laying down watching TV or reading a book, and it's all quiet, I can feel a pulse in my tummy bouncing all over the place, but I have had all the tests n stuff, still just anxiety.

140/87 is not bad considering you was having a panic attack, I doubt you would have high BP under normal conditions are your age. I get the "white coat syndrome" too, so in the surgery my bp would be 160/90. But at home it's more like 134/80.


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Old 31-08-08, 18:53
nikkixx nikkixx is offline
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 34
Re: I can feel my pulse everywhere!


I've had this on and off for years - mainly at the times I am at my most anxious.

I've been told lots of times that people that suffer with anxiety - especially health anxiety are so tuned in to their bodies they feel everything.

I'm going through quiet an anxious time at the moment and can see my pulse and feel it as I'm typing.

I'm sure you are fine.

Nikki x
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Old 03-09-08, 05:01
tHamera's Avatar
tHamera tHamera is offline
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 29
Re: I can feel my pulse everywhere!

i have this same thing too, i call them 'heavy beats' - like your heartbeat is like dropping stones in water and you can feel the ripples throughout your entire chest. the weird thing is that they usually happen after meals which makes me think there is a connection and not a simple case of being 'tuned in' to your body. anybody have an explanation?
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Old 03-09-08, 05:43
LeeBee's Avatar
LeeBee LeeBee is offline
Intermediate Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
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Re: I can feel my pulse everywhere!

I think your heart has to work a bit harder during the digestive process. All sorts of stuff is going on in your stomach, liver, intestines etc, and there is a release of hormones, including adrenaline, to help the digestive process.
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Old 12-09-08, 14:48
iworryallthetime iworryallthetime is offline
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 42
Re: I can feel my pulse everywhere!

HI i to get this ,i can be sitting still and if every wheres quiet i can feel my whole body heart beat ,and if i hold my hands out i can see them beat ..
i also get these flutters in my throat and chest to ..does anyone get like a falling feeling in your yummy? i do specially when im lying watching tv or like now on computer worried is something els ? had blood tests done last week all normal so i do hope its nothing bad .....:-(
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Old 12-09-08, 16:43
never2late's Avatar
never2late never2late is offline
Removed User
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 251
Re: I can feel my pulse everywhere!

I went through this for months, and once you are aware of it, it is next to impossible to not notice it. I had certain positions that I would either sit or sleep in so that I would not detect my heart beating.

The secret to getting rid of it -- for me -- was to not care about it anymore. I would sit or sleep however I wanted to. If I could feel my heart, I would take note of it, and move on with my thoughts. If my thoughts returned, I'd allow them a "peek", and then move them on again. The less I cared about it, the more it would lessen.

There are times when it returns. I use these signals (for lack of a better word) to let me know that perhaps I need to check what stressful things are happening throughout the day, and take steps to lessen them, if possible. I now consider it to be an "indicator" of whether I am going about my day in a relaxed manner, or not.

I turned something annoying into something useful.

Might as well put it to work!
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Old 13-09-08, 21:42
TigerTim TigerTim is offline
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 9
Re: I can feel my pulse everywhere!

I get this all the time and convinced myself that I had a problem. I seriously thought I was about to have a heart attack or that I was suffering from hypertension.

I recently had a health check and my resting heart beat was 100bpm and blood pressure was 140/81. I'm 26 yo.

Worried about the result I bought myself a blood pressure monitor. It turns out that in the comfort of my own home my resting heart beat is about 72bpm and blood pressure is about 120/70.

I'm sure you will find theres nothing wrong and that this is just another symptom of anxiety.
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Old 30-11-08, 13:50
pedropanic's Avatar
pedropanic pedropanic is offline
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 39
Re: I can feel my pulse everywhere!

Yeah I hate being conscious of my heart beat because when I turn my mind to my heart rate it inevitably increases!

I feel it in bed, sometimes I have to stop reading because i can feel it so strongly at the point where I am holding the book that I lose all concentration. Sometimes I feel it in my stomach, especially when exercising.

Just accept it as an annoying symptom that is with you for the moment. It's when you recoil in fear from it that it become so much worse. Just see it as something which is along for the ride for the moment, it's not important.
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Old 30-11-08, 22:17
jwoulf's Avatar
jwoulf jwoulf is offline
Join Date: Nov 2008
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Re: I can feel my pulse everywhere!

You can become hypersensitive to your own heartbeat. I did for a while. And when you notice it you get nervous and it beats faster.

My resting heart rate is normal, until I start checking it every 5 minutes and it rises.
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feel, pulse

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