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Old 24-09-08, 12:39
daisymaisy daisymaisy is offline
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10mg Citalopram


Have been taking 10mg of Citalopram for 5 weeks now. Not sure if its working or not. Doctor said she wouldn't increase the dose until I'd been on it for three months. Does anyone know if it works at this low level. I'm taking it for anxiety rather than depression although sometimes I am a bit tearful. Think this is just when I am coming down from high anxiety though! Can anyone help?
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Old 24-09-08, 17:02
becs becs is offline
Join Date: Sep 2008
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Re: 10mg Citalopram

hi i am also on citralapram 10 mg for anxiety for 2 weeks went to be gp and he s strongly advised i need to increase to 20 mg to have beneficial effects he says 10 mg will hardly make a difference just thought the difference in gp advice was interesting , i am going to try 15 mg for next week , hope your havin a good day
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Old 25-09-08, 13:50
daisymaisy daisymaisy is offline
New member
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 51
Re: 10mg Citalopram

Thanks Becs

I don't feel lots better but at least I'm able to function although still on high alert a lot of the time! Think I will ask if my dose can be increased next time I see gp. Seems that a lot of people posting on forum seem to be on 20mg or above. Think I don't need a huge dose just a bit more.

Thanks again. xx
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Old 29-09-08, 20:38
petmad petmad is offline
Junior Member
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Re: 10mg Citalopram

I have been on Citalopram for about a month now and my doc said 20mgs is a very low dose and the 10mgs can work initially but then soon wear off, I took 10mgs to start with cos of side affects and am now on 20mgs.
I have found they have helped loads but I do still get anxiety and not so good days but on the whole I would say they have helped me a lot. My doc was not keen on me taking 10mgs as she obviously knew I would be back!
take care x
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Old 30-09-08, 23:59
andrewc andrewc is offline
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Re: 10mg Citalopram

Hi guys

10mg is a very low dose and so is 20mg. The reason doctors prescribe such low doses to start with is to avoid any side effects until your body adjusts to the drug. I myself started on 20mg then on to 30 and then 40mg which worked fantastic for me. I am now off them completely as I feel well and back to my old self.

I hope this was of some help to you

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Old 02-10-08, 09:33
daisymaisy daisymaisy is offline
New member
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 51
Re: 10mg Citalopram

Thanks Andy and Petmad. Your info is really helpful. Am seeing the doc again soon so will ask her if she plans to increase the dose. She knows I always worry about the side effects of drugs so probably thought it would be easier to start me off really low rather than adding to my already anxious state!! Good to know you're off the tablets completely Andy - gives me hope for the future.

Hope you're both having a good day.

daisy xxx
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Old 20-06-13, 21:26
ann campbell ann campbell is offline
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Re: 10mg Citalopram

citalopram with esomeprazole
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Old 21-06-13, 01:38
Emphyrio's Avatar
Emphyrio Emphyrio is offline
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Re: 10mg Citalopram

I'm on 5mg of citalopram which seems to help with the anxiety/depression. I am clenching my teeth and I have some blurred vision too, which does suggest its doing something to my serotonin reuptake.

I was previously on 5mg of prozac which worked well. It all depends on the individual as to what dosage they can take.

Incidentally, in the past I was able to take 20mg of prozac with very few adverse effects. Its only in the last year or so that I seem to have become really sensitive to medication.
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Old 21-06-13, 09:56
Spot-the-frog's Avatar
Spot-the-frog Spot-the-frog is offline
Intermediate Member
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Re: 10mg Citalopram

I started off on 20mg and this was increased to 30mg after 3 weeks and then to 40mg 3 weeks later. 10mg is a very low dose, I am surprised your doctor wants to keep you on that dose for 6 weeks.
Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible and before you know it you will be doing the impossible.
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Old 21-06-13, 12:47
cheshirecatqee's Avatar
cheshirecatqee cheshirecatqee is offline
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Re: 10mg Citalopram

I was on 10mg for a week then up to 20mg for 2 weeks and decided with doc to up to 30mg but this was because this is my second time on cit and the first time 20mg was fine but as my anxiety was worse went to 30mg quite quickly.

10mg is considered a starting dose to get your body used to cit and 20mg is the theraputic dose.
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10mg, citalopram

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