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Old 07-10-08, 18:18
maggiemay maggiemay is offline
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Hollow Head Sound

Hi, I have posted about this before but it is driving me crazy and worrying me to death. I have a really hollow feeling in my head where I can hear echoey sounds when I speak and amplified sounds when I eat. It feels like I have a heavy cold and my head is congested with my ears feeling somewhat full. There is no pain anywhere but when I try to unblock my ears by holding my nose shut and blowing, only one ear the air comes out of. Sometimes the other one does, but the passage of air through is very slow. I do not feel unwell but am extremely worried. If I tip my head backwards I can feel a thin drip go down the back of my throat, but tipping it slightly onto my chest gives me the hollow sound again.If I tap my head over my forehear it sounds really empty and hollow!! i do suffer with summer pollen allergy but this year I started to get this sinus thing instead. please, please can anyone else identify with these symptoms. Thank you even for reading this. X
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Old 07-10-08, 18:36
nickieb's Avatar
nickieb nickieb is offline
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Re: Hollow Head Sound

Hi maggie

I too had this a few months back & in fact still do sometimes. I also frequently pop my ears to clear it, but this gives me eye strain badly.

I believe it is something to do with sinus & middle ear problems. If you research it its quite common..
Try some beconase hun & asked for an ENT referal, but dont worry as i dont think its serious. x
Nicola Butcher (Registered Nurse)
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Old 30-11-12, 19:27
Philipsmmr Philipsmmr is offline
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Re: Hollow Head Sound

To the person with ear/sinus problems: I was always taught that you shouldn't even be able to blow air out your ears unless you have a blown ear drum. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Old 21-04-17, 21:34
Thelegend27 Thelegend27 is offline
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Re: Hollow Head Sound

I too have this at the moment it's annoying, I had stopped up ears and ear pain for a couple of weeks along with runny nose and mucus in my sinus and throat all has except my ear feels stopped up from time to time. When I speak it sounds like I'm speaking into a hollow pipe or cup and when I bite down the sound of chewing is a amplified hollow sound. It's strange but I've never heard of this being linked to anything serious. I know this is a old post but I wasn't sure if you were still feeling this.
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