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Medication Please post any experiences, questions or advice on medication here.
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Old 10-10-08, 19:04
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I have posted in General today about feeling really rough again


I was wondering if anyone has any experience of taking Co-Dydramol. I ask because I have been getting a bit suspistious for a few days now that these are not helping much. I have been taking them for a few weeks to try and break a pain cycle I am in. I didn't feel too bad earlier and then I took a couple and half hour later felt really rough again. There seems to be a bit of a pattern of this emerging.

Trouble is I was given these as they are about the only thing I can take at the moment that seem to work!

I am not gonna take any tommorow but just wondered if anyone has any experience of not getting on with these pills?
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Old 11-10-08, 11:02
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Re: Co-Dydramol


Dihydrocodeine (a codeine derivative) can cause many a problems for people, & thus some cannot tolerate it.
It carries caution to using it if you have a high intake of alcohol & asthma along with other things so you should always check those cautions prior to taking any new painkiller.
I think the common side effects of taking co dy are constipation, headache, nausea, balance probs, rashes etc..Despite this if you feel they are making you feel weird- which they do too many stop taking them.
You can easily get hold of another effective pain killer. I would suggest paracetamol & ibuprofen 400mg (beware this drug can worsen cardiac & stomach probs so avoid it if you have this). If this is not suitable there are many other pain killers - depending on your type & severity of pain so either speak to you pharmacy or make another appointment with your GP for a review.

Best Wishes xxx
Nicola Butcher (Registered Nurse)
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Old 11-10-08, 13:38
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Re: Co-Dydramol

I first started taking these pain killers 4 years ago and they are addictive.

Recently my doctor stopped prescribing them. I had quite a few left so I gradually reduced the dose. I am off them now and started to feel general aches and pains that have gone now.

I found them to be sedative and I was extremely constipated all the time.

Just be careful with them and use when the pain is bad. They are addictive.

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Old 11-10-08, 15:55
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Re: Co-Dydramol

I was given co drydamol for terrible back pain, I'll remember the diagnostic name/description in a mo, I'm sure! Anyway. Co-drydamol made me very sleepy, and were no use. My physio recommeded co codamol, because ibubrofen were giving me really bad tummy acid. So, co codamol are great, but boy oh boy they give me tummy gyp, so much so that im fancying something to eat, then can't eat it, and loose appetite

Facet Joint pain thats what I have, I've just remembered, and i had a pelvic upslip, just on top of that!
For that pain originally i was given tramadol, ibubrofen and gamanil, and valium. I got off them after a year, and much physio. So know i'm waiting for a coterzone (is that how you spell it?) injection, and am ok on co codamol. Word of warning........Constipation!! You know hopw you think it only affects your granny?
Well it doesn't, get sennakot, you WILL thank me
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Old 19-03-09, 12:13
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Re: Co-Dydramol

Hi All,

I've just had back surgery and been prescribed Co - Drydamol on discharge from the hospital, i was just thinking is it me or does this medication make users hallucinate, i can't sleep at night, i'm constipated, feel very restless but still tired. It helps with the pain but as soon as it wears off the pain is unbearable.

Anyone else have this problems, i was on Co codamol pre surgery and had similar problems minus the constipation.

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Old 19-03-09, 12:26
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Re: Co-Dydramol

Hi, i had dyhydrocodiene when i had my appendix out (which is in co-dydramol) and i hallucinated!! but then again covonia cough mixture and many other medicines make me hallucinate! some drugs of that class (opiates) may have a weak ability bind to part of a receptor in the brain which can cause hallucinations

If you've had surgery they probably prescribed co-codamol with a larger amount of the dihydrocodine in it...say 30mg/500mg? so that and the effects of the surgery = constipation. try something like lactulose for the constipation
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