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Old 30-10-08, 23:25
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cipralex and pregnancy

hi all
Ive been on cipralex for 4 years now. Ive tried 6 attempts of coming off it but have been unsuccessful. I really want to try for a baby so i asked my doctor if it was ok to still take cipralex while pregnant, my GP said there is no evidence that cipralex will harm the baby. I just wondered if anyone else took Cipralex whilst being pregnant and did everything go well
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Old 30-10-08, 23:45
roosey's Avatar
roosey roosey is offline
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Smile Re: cipralex and pregnancy

my daughter took 40mg of prozac all through her preganancy ,(which is the same sort of antidepressant) and was fine .. they kept a really good check on her at all times . She had a very bonny baby boy weighing nearly 10lbs . He is absoultly gorgeous , and such a lovely pleasant little boy. He has been good since the day he was born . He is now 3 yrs old and a little treasure. So dont worry, you will be fine . My daughter was also in her late 30's and it was her first baby.. The only set back is that when they are born you cant Breast Feed . But i wouldnt say that was a worry, would you??
Her phsychiatrist said it would be worse if she came off the Proazac and went back to being so very depressed, which i suppose is correct, as how would she have looked after him if she was like that.
Anyway i wish you the best of luck, and dont worry about it
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Old 21-11-08, 11:24
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Re: cipralex and pregnancy

hello there
ive been on cipralex for 3 years now and have took this throughout my pregnancy with my daughter whos 18 months now and im now 31 weeks pregnant and still taking it x
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Old 21-11-08, 12:43
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joyce1980 joyce1980 is offline
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Re: cipralex and pregnancy

Hello there, well I feel your concern.

I take paroxetine (ssri, like yours) and after A YEAR of making calls and appointments I was informed by my OB that it would be better for me to stay on my 20mg dose, you will find a lot of wonderful people here who have had the same experience.

Please don't google as it's full of misleading information, if you feel you would like to speak to someone other than your Dr make an appointment with a OB or perinatologist. (ob who studies foetal medicine)

If you are unwell off medication than that is not a good start for a pregnancy, I was off for 6months *(taking paroxetine for 8 years) and although I got over the withdrawal symptoms, my nast anxiety came back and I was unwell again and nearly got a divorce, I also lost a stone which made me 7.5 stone all up. Not good.

So, if you need the medication then you need it, speak to an ob and they will give you all the facts you require,

Bless and good luck
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Old 27-05-11, 20:34
ash2011 ash2011 is offline
Join Date: May 2011
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Re: cipralex and pregnancy

Hello im 12 weeks pregnant and im taking cipralex and so fair so good
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Old 16-06-11, 19:22
SometimesHappy SometimesHappy is offline
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Re: cipralex and pregnancy

Can anybody please tell me if they've been taking cipralex during pregnancy and had a baby? I've been taking it for 8 years on and off yo-yoing between 10 and 20mg, and thinking of trying to have a baby but scared to come off it. I've read a bit on the subject but all the information is so contradictive and its making me more confused. Help!
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Old 03-10-11, 16:46
muffin =) muffin =) is offline
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Re: cipralex and pregnancy

i just started on cipralex and i just found out i am 3 weeks pregnant is my baby safe if i keep taking it ?
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Old 03-10-11, 19:00
Anxious-in-Canada Anxious-in-Canada is offline
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Re: cipralex and pregnancy

Muffin, please consult your doctor about this....consult a professional.

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Old 18-10-11, 10:23
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marisa marisa is offline
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Re: cipralex and pregnancy

I have been on cipralex for 4 years and have 2 beautiful babies, 1 is 3 and a 4month old, they observed them after birth for withdrawal but they where both fine, i had a wonderful consultant all the way through who monitored me and bumps, good luck to any one having bubas and is on meds, always talk to drs first x
Anyone have a miracle cure??!!
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Old 02-06-13, 19:38
milkywaystar milkywaystar is offline
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Re: cipralex and pregnancy

Hi, I think this is an old thread but this was one of the only forums I could find on taking cipralex during pregnancy. I was on cipralex for 6 months prior to conceiving and 8 weeks during my first trimester before deciding to come off it after talking to my GP. I was wondering if any of you that took it during your pregnancy had found any problems such as health or developmental delays with your child? The internet is full of side effects that can affect the unborn baby (scariest ones being in the first trimester) and I am getting a little bit anxious. Would love to hear anyone else's stories or experience with it.
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cipralex, pregnancy

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