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Old 05-11-08, 17:00
yanksforever yanksforever is offline
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Sharp shooting pain under left breast

For the past 3 days I keep getting this really sharp pain under my left breast...it last like 1-3 seconds...and when it happens it feels like I cant even breathe or move until it goes away..almost feels like some bones are broken in there or some horrible muscle issues...but of course...im thinking it's my heart.

it has only happend once a day each time, and only lasted 1-3 seconds. What do you guys thing this is? I feel it right under my left breast and sometimes a but of it right behind like on my back where that pointy shoulder blade thingy iss...

is this my heart???? it's very very sharp.

i must add that it only happens when im sitting and leaning back or something...
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Old 05-11-08, 17:40
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Re: Sharp shooting pain under left breast

Hi Yanksforever,
i get this!!! its horrible, i've been getting it alot more frequently, like its happening now in like lil shocks!!
I always think that its my heart, but my GP says my heart is fine, its just really annoying then i start getting paranoid & checking my pulse!!
I feel like i go round in a circle with it!!!
I'd go to the Doctors for a check up just for peace of mind, thats what i'm going to do again
Good Luck
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Old 05-11-08, 17:44
stm93 stm93 is offline
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Re: Sharp shooting pain under left breast

no, it's not your heart. I'm having those every day, 10-20 times! Ask yourself have you been doing something that made your muscles tense? Things like no exercise, sitting in one position for many hours (like me in the office), tensed your left arm in any way? Could also be junk food (I had a burger the other day, and had sharp pains in my diaphragm, scary as hell) Also, sharp pains are almost always tense muscles! Your heart is fine!
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Old 05-11-08, 17:55
yanksforever yanksforever is offline
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Re: Sharp shooting pain under left breast

Yeah I think I do sit too long without exercise...it feels a bit like trapped wind too, and my muscles were tense 3 days ago when it began...it's SOOOO SHARP like knives going through there...and when it happens it goes away within 3 seconds but I feel it right under my left breast and a bit around the pack and under my armpit...

It's gotta be tense muscles because when it happens i cant breathe or move until the pain has gone away...

thanks guys..that did help a little, more reassurance is always great
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Old 05-11-08, 20:54
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anx mum anx mum is offline
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Re: Sharp shooting pain under left breast

I get this alot and it scares me to death always under left breast
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Old 06-11-08, 19:39
yanksforever yanksforever is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 286
Re: Sharp shooting pain under left breast

it happend again today. it only happens once a day....it lasted like 3 seconds...it was under my left breast but i could feel it's sharpness in my back as well...

im so scared...im justr 19 and im thinking this is my heart. today when it happend i was pretty relaxed, sitting down at a family birthday party after dinner, and i got up and changed seats and when i sat down...a miniute later, BAM...3 seconds of this sharpp pain right unnder left breast...
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Old 07-11-08, 00:10
Tortoiseman's Avatar
Tortoiseman Tortoiseman is offline
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Re: Sharp shooting pain under left breast

I went to A&E a few weeks ago because of this.

I was getting the pains in my heart alot as well as pains in the upper left tendon of the pec muscle.

It was worrying but while i was in Uni one day it went mad, i had that pain you described for virtually 12 hours straight, happening every 30seconds-2 minutes. Now i am not one to go A&E unless i have to but i went as soon as i could.

The pains started at 9am (got home from uni at 4) and were still going when i got seen at 6:40pm.

My ECG was fine, my heart was working fine, just a fast pulse, no doubt due to worry.

He said it wasn't a muscle problem as it didn't hurt to touch my pec so he told me it was in my head (in a very patronising way, he spoke to me like i was 6 years old). Either way i was happy my heart was fine and it went away the next day only to reappear in short bursts every now and again.

One thing he said to me was "if it was your heart, you wouldn't be here because the heart couldn't handle that for 9 hours". That is a good point and it also made me alot better. Keep that in mind too, if i can have it for 9 hours and be ok then you will be ok too, try not to panic.

The fact you say it only happens when you lean on something especially points to muscle problems. Mine happened under no particular circumstances. However i did think it was muscle problems due to other parts of my chest hurting and some ribs too. It felt like random inflammations.

One thing i did do was keep my left arm at my side at all times to stop my left pec or muscles around it moving. It can be awkward, i couldn't cuddle up with that arm or use it for sport but it really helped. I started off doing it constantly for 2 weeks and then whenever i felt a slight twinge. As i say it was awkward but it really helped.

My advice would be to stay calm, don't panic, go to the doctors if necessary and take note of how your movement affects the pain and do whatever is best for it.

Hope it stops soon.
"live life slowly but surely"

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Old 07-11-08, 00:15
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Re: Sharp shooting pain under left breast

Hi Yanks

I have had this before and i put it down to trapped wind !

Try taking some kind of indegestion remedy to see is it helps, i take rennies and they do help.

"If you have a worry turn it into a problem, you cant solve worrys but you can solve problems"
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Old 07-11-08, 01:25
kaynbrian's Avatar
kaynbrian kaynbrian is offline
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Re: Sharp shooting pain under left breast

Take something for gas. I know it can very well be gas or acid reflux.
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Old 07-11-08, 11:21
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jacq jacq is offline
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Re: Sharp shooting pain under left breast

I have had this for years and unbelievably for ages thought it was a blood clot trapped in my heart as if i breathed in really deeply (though it was agony) it went away and i thought i had managed to force the clot through, but i have since been told it is just a muscle spasm, in just the same way as you get leg cramp when you muscles go in to spasm (and we all know how painfull that is when it hits you unawares!), i have been told that drinking tonic water helps with cramp and spasms as it contains quinine.

p.s just found this on the net, sorry it's so long but am crap on computer and not sure how to add a link LOL!

That Sharp Pain in your Chest

Posted by Failed Success on 04/07/06 at 10:10 PM
Do you ever get a piercing pain in your chest, usually on your left side under your rib, which almost feels like a bubble ready to burst?
It causes you to catch your breath, and you try not to breathe in or breathe out too much because it’s extremely painful either way. You take short, staggered breaths and try not to move. Finally, you work up the courage to take a sharp inhale or exhale. You feel a sensation similar to a bubble bursting and the pain is gone.
What is this strange sensation that is so painful and uncomfortable? It is actually a very common condition and most people have experienced it. The medical term for this occurrence is Precordial Catch Syndrome.

Many people mistakenly believe that they are having a heart attack at the onset of this type of pain. While the pain is strong and located in an area that would seem like the heart, this condition is not a heart attack, nor is it heart related.
Precordial Catch Syndrome (PCS) is the most common cause of recurring chest pain. It is also sometimes known as “a stitch in the side” or “Texidor’s twinge”. It occurs most often in children and teenagers, but does persist into adulthood as well. The pain occurs just under the left nipple, near where you feel the heart beat most strongly on the front of the chest, and comes on very suddenly.
This extremely sharp pain causes a person to not want to move or breathe. This is where the “catch” part of the name is derived. Any movement or breathing only seems to intensify the pain. The pain usually lasts for around 30 seconds to 1 minute before disappearing. Sometimes the pain will suddenly disappear upon taking a strong breath or moving suddenly as well. This can almost feel like a pop of an imaginary bubble. After the pain is gone, there is usually a dull ache that lingers.
These onsets of pain can occur frequently, sometimes several times a day, and can occur when exercising, resting, or when in virtually any other state. Doctors have not been able to correlate PCS with any particular triggers, such as heavy activity or the like. However, there are some doctors that believe things like heavy or irregular breathing or even posture could play some type of role in bringing about an episode of PCS.
At this time, doctors and researchers do not know what causes the pain associated with PCS. The most accepted theory is that the pain is the result of a pinched nerve somewhere. Due to the fact that the onsets of PCS are so quick and disappear just as quickly, it’s hard for doctors to actually see the condition in action.
While doctors aren’t sure of the actual causes, they are sure that it poses no danger. They believe it to be a completely benign condition and is most certainly not cause for alarm. For this reason, there is not a lot of information or studies regarding the physical cause of PCS available. Doctors feel no need to intensify study of something they know to be only a minor inconvenience.

The only real worry is that sometimes, what seemed like PCS, could possibly turn out to be something more serious. The following are signs of more concerning illness:
- Chest pain that extends into the left side of the jaw or arm
- Chest pain that a person describes as a “heavy” feeling
- Pain that does not improve at least a little after 24 hours of regular doses of ibuprofen
- Fever
- Cough, especially a cough that produces phlegm ("flem," or “flame")
- Extreme anxiety with the pain or a feeling of “impending doom”
- Blueness or paleness of the lips or fingernails
- An irregular, rapid, or pounding heart rate
- Marked difficulty breathing or catching one’s breath (different from mild pain with breathing)
If any of these occur, please be sure to call your doctor’s office right away. These could be indications of a more serious and potentially threatening condition.
People experiencing PCS need no particular treatment at all. Usually, just the reassurance that they aren’t having something dangerous happening is all that they need to hear to set their minds at ease. PCS should not interfere with normal activity, and there’s no reason to use any form of medication.
If you are experiencing PCS, it may be worth a visit to the doctor just to go over the symptoms to be sure that it is not a different condition that could be more serious. Doctors can easily tell the difference between a serious heart condition and Precordial Catch Syndrome just by talking with the patient, and doing a physical examination.
In the meantime, you can rest assured that your extremely painful, stabbing feeling is completely normal and only a minor inconvenience. And remember, the key to getting rid of the pain quickly is to just work up the courage to take that deep breath, scream in pain, and be done with it.

Hope it helps Jacq x
courage doesn't always roar, sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying "i will try again tomorrow"

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle"
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