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Old 09-11-08, 11:27
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Trembling fingers - why?

OK, I know that I'm probably being silly, BUT... what is it with my trembly fingers? Especially the little finger of my left hand. I've been focusing on it for the past few days. Today I held my hand out to my sister to show her where a cat scratched me and noticed that my left little finger was really trembly. It seemed really obvious to me so I grabbed the finger with my other hand to stop it so she wouldn't see.

I know I shouldn't, it's probably nothing to worry about, but I don't understand why it happens and I hate not knowing. It is almost certainly not, of course, the sign of the beginning of a degenerative illness like ALS, MS, vCJD... I know, I know it but I just can't get it out of my head tonight. I have been feeling a bit low the past few days, but not particulary anxious. Could the trembling be a reaction to adrenaline or cortisol, even though I don't feel nervous (or didn't until a couple of hours ago)? Could it be muscle strain? I wish I could just make it stop, then I wouldn't have to think about it every time I look at my hands. Anyone else get trembly little finger?
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Old 09-11-08, 13:34
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Re: Trembling fingers - why?

Hi LeeBee
As we both know, an anxious mind loves to play tricks with us from time to time.
Do you know that there over a billion nerves in the human body, each with it's own little job to do. Sometimes, some of these nerves get's trapped, or just decides to act up for a little while. A person not bothered with their nerves tends to shrug these things off as a 'nuisance' until it repairs itself, (and it always repairs itself), whereas you and I tend to always lean towards the 'worse case senario', and it never is, of course.
Don't let it get to you babe, do you remember Occams razor:

All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one.

Hope this helps x

I know you're in there..... I can hear you caring!
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Old 10-11-08, 05:42
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Re: Trembling fingers - why?

Thanks, House. That helped a lot. I've got a grip now (albeit a slightly shakey one on the left side ).
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Old 10-11-08, 11:10
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Re: Trembling fingers - why?

H i LeeBee, I have read somewhere during the 2 weeks about the trembling little finger, and I am pretty sure it said that when you are nervous/stressed that the little finger usually trembles more than the rest of the hand, or trembles on its own. So nothing to worry about. Try looking on symptoms on main menu, it may have been there that I saw it.
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Old 13-10-10, 17:47
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Re: Trembling fingers - why?

just searched this and was surprised to see that its your little finger on the left hand, because this is the exact same as me. i am considering going to the doctors as the trembling worried me and probably due to lack of understanding i thought what if it is something major. i'm now going to leave it and see how it goes after a few days, your replies have put my mind at ease and hopefully it may just be a little stress, as i can relate that easily with my work life at the moment.
thanks alot.
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fingers, trembling

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