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Old 28-06-05, 09:37
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Blurred vision with hayfever

I keep waking up with sore itching eyes, they feel heavy and it hurts when i first open them (which i dont like) and everything seems too bright.I know i have got hayfever but my eyes feel blurry ,i know i am not seeing things clearly and i havent had that before with hayfever so it is panicking me. I cant go to an optician or doctor so i am imagining all sorts of things and am scared i will lose my sight. I have also got a headache with it today.

Iwondered if anyone else with hayfever gets these symptoms. My house is surrounded by fields which doesnt help.

Barb xx
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Old 28-06-05, 09:55
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Hi Barb

My hubby suffers with really bad hayfever and he gets the blurry eyes and a lot more.

This year it seems to be hitting everyone really hard. Even people who have not had it before are suffering.

Take comfort that it is your hayfever and will pass with the ever changing weather.

Have you tried eyedrops or anything


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Old 28-06-05, 10:00
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It sounds like typical hayfever to me. Why don't you go pick something up from the pharmacy?

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal
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Old 28-06-05, 10:16
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thanks for the help ,its the foggy vision which scared me which has got better,now i,ve got aching eyes which is going up in my head OH DEAR!!

Barb xx
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