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Old 05-01-09, 23:50
linziloo linziloo is offline
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 9
pain in right side of abdomen

I was wondering if anyone has any symptoms or experience like this, I am suffering with pain in the right side of my abdomen from just under my ribs to my groin, the right side of my back around my kidney area is also sore and I am hoping that it's just tension that is causing it. I know I'm feeling pretty anxious at the moment cos I'm feeling sick and am swallowing past a big lump in my throat.
any advice would be welcome!!!
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Old 06-01-09, 04:17
knuckles knuckles is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 8
Re: pain in right side of abdomen

I've had something very much like you've described. For me, I'm pretty sure it's anxiety. I've been to the Doc a few times and everything seems ok. I'm scheduled for an ultra sound on my gallbladder still but the pain has slowly been fading away as I work on reducing my anxiety. I hope the same will work for you.

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Old 06-01-09, 10:12
amu amu is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 300
Re: pain in right side of abdomen

I have the same, it started after(!) I decided that I can see and feel a lump there (and before you start feeling for lumps, two GPs and the gastroenterologist + the ultrasound can't feel anything). I think it could be from tension as it's not increasing, it kind of comes and goes. For me it's the same area, from the top down my side and into the groin area.
Knuckles: how are you reducing your anxiety?
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Old 06-01-09, 13:08
curly_tom curly_tom is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 18
Re: pain in right side of abdomen

I too have a similar scenario, the pain for me is a bit further up though. It's on my right side about where my elbow sits, it also hurts round on my back and sometimes my front up to my chest. I've had an ultrasound for gallstones and it showed nothing. It also showed that there was nothing wrong with my liver, kidneys etc.

This is a problem I've had before a few times, sometimes lasting weeks but it always goes in the end and I seem to be fine. I have suffered serious sharp pain there a few times leading me to go to the doctor but nothing's ever been found.

I've also experienced the lump in the throat a couple of years ago. It stressed me out massively but as soon as I heard from other people that it is a sign of anxiety I managed to control it and it eventually went away.

I would say that not worrying is the best solution. It's easy to build these things up and it just makes all the pains worse...
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Old 06-01-09, 13:10
samc100 samc100 is offline
Advanced Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: , , United Kingdom.
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Re: pain in right side of abdomen

It could be your colon - have you had constipation or runny bum? Often tummy problems, IBS, dodgy tums cause this type of pain, it gets battered and bruised and often the pain is following after an attack ( healing itself?)
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