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Old 09-01-09, 14:26
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Clicking noise behind ear/back of head

I had a nasty sinus infection in early december, had 500mg 3x a day of amoxicillin. I felt alot better within 2 days of starting them. Since having the nasty cold and sinusitis I have been left with some pressure in my left ear (is easing slowly this week) but also at the back of my head (left side) and behind left ear I hear a clicking like something is loose in my head moving around (maybe i do have a screw loose, lol!) everytime i walk down the stairs, walk quickly, go over a speed bump in the car.... hard to explain but thats the feeling of the sound, its like pressure. The ballooni n ear feeling is alot better so its slowly settled but im left with this clicking type noise.

Has anyone else had this? what could it be?

Surely I dont' still have a sinus infection if I don't have a fever, green mucus from nose or anything like that? my cold has gone. I had a ct scan last year which showed mild sinus issues but my ENT said it was mild and majority of people have it so to just use a steroid spray which I do use daily.
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Old 09-01-09, 14:54
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Re: Clicking noise behind ear/back of head

Hi sorry to hear you are feeling so bad
I once joined a Tai Chi class and on of the movements was to move your head slowly to right, then centre, then left. Many of us were seriously worried by the 'crackling' sound in the back of our heads
It sounded as if the bones attaching head to neck were crumbling.
Apparently this is quite normal, all the creaking and cracking is caused by too much tension in that area (which we are all guilty of).

The 'balloon in the ear' - when i had that i was told 'steam inhalation' was the thing to do as you can get a build up of catarrh at the back of yoru ear drum.
I hope this helps
Best wishes
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Old 09-01-09, 15:38
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Re: Clicking noise behind ear/back of head

Thanks June,

Yes the GP did say he thought it could be caused by tension, I am under alot of pressure at the moment and have been feeling very upset so that could be why, its flared my anxiety up abit in recent weeks.

The gp also said it could be congestion causing the pressure so I steam often which does help.
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Old 09-01-09, 16:35
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Re: Clicking noise behind ear/back of head

Mornings and evenings I have what I think is called bilateral pulsatile tinnitus (so a noise in both ears that goes in time with my pulse). Like a creaking sound. It started after a very severe head cold. I hope it's an ears/sinus problem, though I'm terrified it might be brain tumour/aneurysm. For some reason it doesn't happen much in the afternoons. Because the sinus passages swell up at night and it wears off during the day? I don't know. Although the cold went away a few days before Christmas, I'm still sneezing occasionally and I have a slightly blocked feeling in my head, occasional nasal drip and pains (not headache as such) around the nose and forehead.

I've had heart checks including BP and ECG, all normal. Have to see the GP on Tuesday for blood test results and to discuss what it actually might be. I'm dreading being told I have to have checks on my arteries or brain. It sounds similar to you in a way, though my symptom is different - in that it seems to be sinus- or ear-related, but it's hanging around so long after the cold has gone. Maybe it just takes ages for the tubes to clear themselves out, especially in such cold weather (and central heating doesn't help). I hope so.
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Old 09-01-09, 17:20
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Re: Clicking noise behind ear/back of head

Hi Libby

I think you are having problems with your eustation tubes in your ear due to your cold and sinus. Your eustation tube helps us equilse the pressure of the ear to the pressure of our surroundings. ie when you are on a plane or diving underwater your ears may click or pop. Sounds like your sinus problems are clearing but still effecting your eustation tubes. It will pass with time and you shouldnt need anymore treatment
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Old 09-01-09, 20:19
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Re: Clicking noise behind ear/back of head

Thanks Sunshine, yes the tubes can take a while to settle so its probably just that, I guess being tense doesn't help.
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Old 09-01-09, 21:08
Vicki08 Vicki08 is offline
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Re: Clicking noise behind ear/back of head

I am having the same thing at the moment. I had a horrible cold which has bought on a sinus infection (again!!) and my ears are really blocked and I can hear a strange clicking sound in my head. Its pretty annoying and when I turn my head it gets worse. Doc reckons its congestion but I do agree that tension causes these issues too.

Vicki x
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Old 09-01-09, 21:20
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Re: Clicking noise behind ear/back of head

I too, have been suffering from chronic sinus problems since June/July last year. October/November was pretty good but just before Christmas my symptoms came back again.

The last couple of days I've had the 'balloon in ear' sensation and a bit of clicking in my ear, especially when I swallow. I've got a bit of facial sensation too which is probably sinuses, and a bit of a spinny sensation, which is the thing I hate the most. I've started steaming morning and night, hopefully that will help. I know what you mean about a feeling of fullness in the ear when walking or moving - it feels like there is something in there kind of bouncing up and down as you move? I guess it's fluid.

These types of recurring sinus/ear problems seem to be pretty common judging by the boards, and it is probably worse in winter - although it is mid-summer here in NZ! Maybe once your sinuses have a weakness it takes a long time for them to recover. Take good care of yourself with nutritious food and plenty of rest. Hopefully we'll all be feeling better soon .
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Old 10-01-09, 15:00
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Re: Clicking noise behind ear/back of head

Thanks everyone,

My sinuses have never liked me;-) very annoying.
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Old 15-03-10, 18:51
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Exclamation Re: Clicking noise behind ear/back of head

Don't worry, i had this clicking in the center back of my head to. My dad is a doctor and i was getting worried so he did some research and he found that it could be caused by pressure.
This occurs from stress or anxiety were the blood pressure builds up in your head and flows through an artery. Hormones can also be created by stress and can cause all sorts of problems like this one.Please reply to benshrouder@yahoo.co.uk
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