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Old 15-01-09, 07:52
LuckyMan LuckyMan is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
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Does Propranolol affect your sex life?

I have just started on Propranolol 3 days ago (10mg twice a day). I have felt anxious and stressed out every day for so many years that I think I had forgotten what it felt like to 'feel normal'.
I have been prescribed Propranolol after a recent family crisis pushed me over the edge. At the moment, I am having counselling and taking the med, and I feel euphoric. I'm not sure if it's the med or the counselling, (it's probably both).
My only question is 'Does Propranolol affect your sex drive?'
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Old 15-01-09, 08:54
tayside lassie's Avatar
tayside lassie tayside lassie is offline
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Re: Does Propranolol affect your sex life?

as far as i know all beta-blockers play havoc with ones sex drive ..
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Old 15-01-09, 09:15
LuckyMan LuckyMan is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 3
Re: Does Propranolol affect your sex life?

Oh well, I guess I can't have it all.
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Old 01-07-09, 15:45
Lakshme Lakshme is offline
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Re: Does Propranolol affect your sex life?

The dose you on will have no effect what-so-ever... if they are given for high-blood pressure they are much larger doses and as they reduce your blood pressure they may may may make erections tricky. But on 20mg now way. you have probably found this anyway...
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