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Old 19-01-09, 14:56
Vickid Vickid is offline
Join Date: Nov 2008
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Eye pain (above my eye) dizziness and headaches with the worry :( please help

For over two weeks now, i've had pain above my right eye - around the bone area and in the corner of my right eye. I feel dizzy and often get headaches when I start worrying about it.

I went for an eye test over a week ago when the pain started as I was stressing thinking the worse (Glaucoma or worse... a tumor) I am so scared that I am often nervous and panicky thinking about this. I feel sick just thinking what it could be. The optician looked at my eyes with the scope and done a full eye test, I don't need glasses and my eyes apparently are fine behind.

That wasn't enough though... because the pain was persistant and my head feels heavy and I get dizzy spells, especially when I get nervous and I couldn't handle this so I went to my doc last week who again looked into my eyes and said it looked fine.

I am terrified now, because the pain hasn't gone, it seems to be the same and today I lean to one side it feels heavy and worse, but I must have slept awkward last night as my neck hurts too but in saying in - my eye pain is very much there and I am sick of it.

The doc gave me some sinus spray, it hasn't touched it. It is still as bad as it was and I am so unsure what to do now, my head feels like a tight band is round it today, all round my ears and the front/neck.

Please advise guys
so so upset
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Old 19-01-09, 18:33
LeeBee's Avatar
LeeBee LeeBee is offline
Intermediate Member
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Re: Eye pain (above my eye) dizziness and headaches with the worry :( please help

Hi vicki, sounds exactly like the sinus problems that I've had for months. I had a feeling of pressure in the corner of my right eye near my nose for about 3 months, non-stop. I too had pressure headaches that got worse with certain movements, like leaning forward. Sometimes my face hurt, sometimes it really hurt in my eye or above it.

It sounds like your doc thinks it is sinuses too. I didn't find nasal drops or sprays to be very useful either. The thing that worked for me was steam. Bring some water almost to the boil and pour into a bowl. Grab some tissues and put a towel over your head and breathe in the steam. Breathe slowly and deeply. After a few minutes try blowing your nose. Keep breathing the steam for a good 10-15 mins or until the steam dies down. You can try a bit of Friar's Balsam in it too. I use Olbas.

It is your sinuses, nothing else. I know it's hard to believe but it sounds exactly like the symptoms that I had.
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Old 07-08-10, 16:56
martinm08 martinm08 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
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Re: Eye pain (above my eye) dizziness and headaches with the worry :( please help

i have had this same problem for 8 months now and my doctor has put it down to vertigo. I am on tablets called betahistine hydrochloride, i was told to take 3 a day but 4 works much better. Even when i get dizzy i take one and lie down for 15 mins and im good to go again, i have been for brain scans, synuses all tested and checked out and even got my ears syringed. unfortunatly im atill no further forard but im not scared anymore and the dizzy spells are pretty well controlled. The only thing im worried about is the fact i cant do my job with this condition so i have to find a new career lol

hope this is some use

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Old 07-08-10, 17:07
Adam22 Adam22 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
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Re: Eye pain (above my eye) dizziness and headaches with the worry :( please help

Hi ..

I have been experiencing this aswell above my left eye.. I to went to the optiticans and got given the all clear there.. doctor checked me out too, my eyes ..ears and orientation all fine..

I have had tension headaches for 2 weeks all over and a stiff neck..

been given diazapan to relax me which has heled slightly ..

I wouldnt worry .. the key is to relax and the pressure will relieve itself.. youre are prob squinting your eyes.. are you sleep patterns normal?

if doc believes it to be sinus ..continue using the spray..

I think it could be tension .. stress related?

Hope this helps a little

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Old 07-08-10, 17:24
Adam22 Adam22 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 213
Re: Eye pain (above my eye) dizziness and headaches with the worry :( please help

martin - did u have headache with it ?
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Old 29-10-12, 19:22
Worrychick Worrychick is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2012
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Re: Eye pain (above my eye) dizziness and headaches with the worry :( please help

I have very similar symptoms that seems to come and go. I have a mild headache which is all around my head not always in a particular area, neck ache and an aching eye which is sometimes watery too. I've had my eyes tested recently and for some time it seemed to go, but it's now back and I have to try and remember the syptoms are those of tension and nerves reacting or I go into a panic over a brain tumour.....I looked back at an old thread and had the same symptoms in April which went for a few months....and I know I am tense as my son has just left for uni so I have an underlying worry all the time. Interesting a glass or two or wine helps (not that I'd precribe that) but weird that it relaxes you and the tension goes and so does the eye and headache which is quite reasurring...but keep it to a glass! If you are still worried, go to the Dr and ask him to check you out...they do some basic checks and know what they are looking for. xx
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Old 11-04-13, 20:51
Sadzy Sadzy is offline
Join Date: Mar 2013
Posts: 3
Re: Eye pain (above my eye) dizziness and headaches with the worry :( please help

I have been experience some similar symptoms.. Heavy pressure and slight pain on right side of Head, face feeling heavy on the same side, pain around right eye bone and my nose feels heavy if that makes any sense... I also suffer from anxiety which has made things worse i feel as if m dying..
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Old 12-04-13, 14:27
AlexandriaUK's Avatar
AlexandriaUK AlexandriaUK is offline
Advanced Member
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Re: Eye pain (above my eye) dizziness and headaches with the worry :( please help

I went Docs with symptoms that I have had for nearly 4 weeks, he checked me out and said, tension and anxiety, I am 99% sure he is right, but we all know what we are like don't we, their is always that little voice in the back of our heads whispering, brain tumor,bleed,meningitis etc, need I say more LOL
Went out last night and while I was occupied it near enough went off but came back about an hour ago but I went and drank about 3/4 of a pint of water and guess what, its eased off.
Make sure you are drinking plenty of water as not having enough fluid(not tea and coffee) in the system can cause low grade dehydration which causes headaches, which then causes anxiety and you are on the roundabout.
Remember as well that the brain does not feel pain so it very very rare to get these long running headaches with anything concerning the brain, also staring at the comp can also cause tension type headaches and posture causes the neck pain.
Hope you feel better soon, get hubby/partner to massage shoulders and neck that really does help.


Last edited by AlexandriaUK; 12-04-13 at 15:13.
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Old 12-04-13, 16:28
davey2k12 davey2k12 is offline
New member
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Re: Eye pain (above my eye) dizziness and headaches with the worry :( please help

this post has had 40 thousand views and just only 7 replies ...... shocking
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Old 27-03-14, 06:42
ankit ankit is offline
Join Date: Mar 2014
Posts: 1
Re: Eye pain (above my eye) dizziness and headaches with the worry :( please help

I have same problem on the upper part of my right eye.Some times I feel my right brain heavy.Next week going to doctor.Its happens daily.

I think all the above reseons are correct.Becuase:

-I take less water.

-I have stress and tension.

-I have synus problem.

-Not sleeping properly(sleeping around 5 hours).

But one think whenever I take relax,I mean I go somewhere outside,enjoy and just don't think about any work,no tension,no stress.Just Chill

So suppose when I am going to a beach.I am tired.I sleep on time (around 7 hours).I want more water.Enjoying nature's beauty.
I become normal.

So guys I will suggest don't take medicine.Just try

-Take more water

-Sleep properly

-Try to be happy
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