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Old 28-01-09, 20:51
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Somebody tell me something good about fluoxetine??!!!

I was prescribed fluoxetine last week (after grudgingly agreeing to try another SSRI) but still havent taken it yet, am waaay too scared, the few forum posts ive looked at here seem quite negative...but ive tried to avoid reading too many lest i start worrying more....im most worried about mood change type side effects

Is there any positives?
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Old 28-01-09, 22:31
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Re: Somebody tell me something good about fluoxetine??!!!


Was just about to put a post about prozac when Isaw yours and thought I'd reply first.

I have been on prozac for around 7 weeks and can honestly say that being on it has turned my life around. I was on cipralex (escitaprolam) for 5 years and came off this as I wanted to try and have children. Within 3 months I was a mess, panic attacks, anxiety, depression and a new one for me, OCD with horrifying intrusive thoughts.

The doc put me on 20mg fluoxetine or prozac and I was scared stiff, reading up on it on the net made me worry senseless about the side effects, about the effectiveness etc etc. I must say though for me it has been brillant. It took a couple of weeks to kick in (although I noticed some improvement within a few days) and then gradually I have felt better and better and now I feel great again.

I would thoroughly recommend it. Hope this helps.

katie x
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Old 31-01-09, 10:06
tiffanysdesigns tiffanysdesigns is offline
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Re: Somebody tell me something good about fluoxetine??!!!

I take 40mgs of Fluoxetine and I can see the improvement. I still have a long way to go but would not stop taking this. At first I was so scared to take it that I worked myself up so badly. I eventually started taking it but took it at night because I thought I would sleep through the side effects. Every morning I would wake up having the worse panic attacks that I would just run out of the house. Eventually I saw someone at hospital who told me I should be taking them in the morning. Since taking them in the morning I have noticed a big improvement. I now dont run away in the morning anymore.

Hope this has helped and has given you the courage to start taking your meds xxxxxx
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Old 31-01-09, 10:15
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Re: Somebody tell me something good about fluoxetine??!!!

i take 20mg and it's worked okay for me then again we're all different why not try it and see how it goes. remember it takes 2-4 weeks to kick in.
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Old 13-02-09, 23:55
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Re: Somebody tell me something good about fluoxetine??!!!

Today my psychiatrist changed me over from Trazodone to Fluoxetine and as soon as I got home I just popped one in me no problems!

So far so good and I am really just relieved to be off of Trazodone as we didn't make a good team!

Anyway I will try to remember to update you on my progress with it as the first few weeks is always the worst part isn't it?
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Old 14-02-09, 00:32
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I'm just starting this too. Picked up the prescription tonight and am going to start it tomorrow.

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Old 22-02-09, 21:14
Jemmasizzy Jemmasizzy is offline
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Re: Somebody tell me something good about fluoxetine??!!!

Just been put on this myself , i've heard some pretty horrid stories too , i'm a self harmer and have been for many years have heard that it can make these tendancys worse?? does any one have any clues on this one??!!

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Old 27-02-09, 18:05
dawnt dawnt is offline
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Re: Somebody tell me something good about fluoxetine??!!!

HI my doctor put me on prozac for anxiety and depression last october, I was unsure about taking it because of what I had heard and read. But I so wanted to feel normal again. The first week or so I did feel sick and really tired, in the mornings I would feel very anxious the moment I opened my eyes. Thankfully this slowly went and for me the tablets did take a long time to help, about ten weeks, but I am glad I stuck with it. My life is slowly returning to normal, if indeed I have ever been normal!!! The last symptom to go was the awful " lump in the throat feeling " that was the most awful bit for me and I had is constantly for three months and more. Very occasionally I still get a tight feeling and my throat will go dry, its normaly if I am worried or upset, but the lump feeling has not returned at the moment. Please give your meds ago, what have you got to lose, if they dont help, try another
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Old 28-02-09, 16:11
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Re: Somebody tell me something good about fluoxetine??!!!

Ive been on and off Prozac for several years now and have had no major problems. However all our bodies are different so one is good for one and another may not be.
It does take several weeks to notice any main changes so give it a chance and try to stop worrying

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Old 28-02-09, 17:20
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Re: Somebody tell me something good about fluoxetine??!!!

hi the first time i took prozac was for 6 months for eating issues - i was starving and bingeing - and it worked a treat.

then i had a very bad time that lasted 12 weeks while i was taking other anti-d's, and eventually i was taken off them and prescibed prozac and propranolol and i was in heaven i had no side effects and they worked immediately. i had 2 happy years - however i didnt have strong emotions in this time and to some extent that felt weird, but not any reason to stop the meds.

anyway i came off them immediately i got pregnant, but wanted to try them again 10 months after i had my daughter - but no way could i stick with them - i had never felt anxiety like that - i mean i have had bad episodes but this was constant, like id taken speed - it was horrible - maybe looking back now i should have got some valium to help with the symptoms and waited it out till it worked. but my gp said becasue id been recently pregnant and breastfeeding my chemical make up had changed and my body wouldnt tolerate it - anyway i still say try these meds, but be aware that some ppl do seem more able to tolerate any nasty side effects for longer than others, and some ppl like those mentioned have had no nasty side effects. personally i wouldnt tolerate the side effects and i have been med free for over 11 years. but i would try them again if i felt i wasnt coping - they can and do help
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fluoxetine, good

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