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Old 30-01-09, 20:10
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Blood in urine!!!!

After a week of peeing all the time I decided to go doctors. I do suffer from IBS and was told that frequent urination is common with it. Anyway he did urine sample, didn't see any sign of infection, but detected a small amount of blood. He did ask if my period was due, my last contraceptive pill was yesterday! He said it was nothing to worry about!!!! If that's the case why am I freaking out!!!!
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Old 30-01-09, 23:12
countrygirl countrygirl is offline
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Re: Blood in urine!!!!

You can stop freaking - these dreaded dipstick urine tests are a nightmare as they are super sensitive and give huge number of trace readings that are negligible medically. 25 yrs ago I had my first every urine test before the dipsticks and it came back for microscopic blood - I had to go through a pyelogram which is xray of kidneys with injected dye - not pleasant and nothing all was normal. then they introduced the dipsticks and every single one that I have done shows trace amounts of blood and protein etc. I have had utlrasounds of kidneys and loads of blood tests for kidneys and nothing.
Eventually told I have big filters on my kidneys commonly known as leaky kidneys so for me these trace amounts are perfectly normal. I hate routine medical tests and A&E dpts as I cannot get through without long explanations and my urine being sent away for testing in case of infection.

Urologist told me the time to seek medical advice is if you see visible blood in urine so I will stick to what he says.
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Old 30-01-09, 23:42
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Re: Blood in urine!!!!

Hi, trace amounts of blood in the urine are common (especially before and during you period) and also as you are on the pill a little bit of breakthrough bleeding, a usual side efect of the pill (even if unoticable) can show up on a urine test
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Old 01-02-09, 04:05
lauren6 lauren6 is offline
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Re: Blood in urine!!!!

I use the dipsticks because I like to check specific gravity, due to past kidney stones, to see if I am drinking enough water. However, I also start looking at the other things and there is always a trace or more in my urine. I don't get periods anymore so it's not from that. My mother has had trace of blood in her urine all of her life. It means nothing unless, like the last poster said, you can see it. Please do yourself a favor and don't buy the sticks. My New Year's resolution was to stop checking everything so I have not checked the sticks since then. All it does is scare me. In any case, don't worry about the microscopic blood. If you actually see blood and have urgency and pain, it could be a urinary tract infection, which I had and saw blood, but that can be treated easily...but for now, that is not happening at all. You just have what about 1/3 of women have on the sticks.
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Old 01-02-09, 20:35
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Re: Blood in urine!!!!

I wouldn't worry. I have traces of blood in my urine. Like the other people who have posted have said, it is very common. I would only worry if you have pain when you pass water and can see blood in your urine

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blood, urine

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