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Old 03-02-09, 21:53
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High Pulse rate - over 100

I have a pulse of over 100 my blood pressure is fine but I am even more nervous which is not helping. I just read a verb off yahoo that says it will put you into cardiac arrest and have a heart attack!

I do not have anything other than bacflower spray right now and it is not working very fast.
Any suggestions ?
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Old 03-02-09, 22:00
soulboydk's Avatar
soulboydk soulboydk is offline
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Re: High Pulse rate - over 100

mine has often and still can be over 130 a min, I have read it can be much higher and you still can be ok. If you fear to much then you must see a doctor for peace of mind, but I can almost garantee you its only anxiety. I have often be run in abulance for fast pulse and the like but it was just that old thing called panic anxiety. All the best try do some relaxing breathing.
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Old 03-02-09, 22:16
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Re: High Pulse rate - over 100

My main suggestion is don't believe what you read on yahoo!

I have a permanently fast heart rate, it very rarely dips below a hundred and I also have high blood pressure.
It's not that uncommon, there isn't always a serious medical reason for it (although I have been told mine may be caused by asthma medication) and it won't make you go into cardiac arrest.
You know that when you concentrate on something like this it exacerbates it so I won't tell you to try and think of something else
I will guarantee that there are others here who have the same problem but we are still here panicking about our health/anxiety/phobias, we haven't succumbed to a heart attack.
If you can, try and keep your breathing nice and even as hyperventilating will make things worse.
Hope you feel better soon.
We will NEVER surrender comrade, remember always..actions speak louder than words!!
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Old 04-02-09, 00:58
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NervousNellie NervousNellie is offline
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Re: High Pulse rate - over 100

A normal pulse rate for an adult is between 60 and 100. So what you may consider high might be normal for another person. When you visit your doctor, if your pulse is anywhere between 60 and 100, you will be considered as having a normal heart rate.

I went into the hospital with a heart rate of 150 a few months ago. It was all from panic and anxiety. My heart rate was between 120 and 130 for days after that incident because I just couldn't calm down (and I caught the flu from being in the hospital!!). My husband suffered from a severe panic attack a few years ago where his heart rate was 220. He was observed over night and then diagnosed with a panic attack. No damage was done to his heart.

I wouldn't worry at all about having your heart rate over 100. Here's one thing that reassures me - when I go to bed, I know that I will calm down when I'm sleeping and my heart will get "a break" from the stress of the day. Maybe if you look at it that way, you'll feel a little better!
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Old 04-02-09, 08:57
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agingwuss agingwuss is offline
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Re: High Pulse rate - over 100

I agree with all the above. My pulse rate is generally over 100 and has been since at least 1988 which was when I found out it wasn't the same as everyone else's! I went to my doc's in my usual panic, he looked me over & confirmed it was just my natural state. It's been the same ever since and I've never had any heart problems. In fact, my heart is the only thing I dont' panic about! You can relax - we're all different.
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Old 04-02-09, 16:29
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Re: High Pulse rate - over 100

Normal for me is anything from 76 - 100 .. but lately its been between 111-136 .. which my doc has reassured me that's not abnormally fast .. its panic / anxiety that causes it
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Old 04-02-09, 16:53
willtheconk1998's Avatar
willtheconk1998 willtheconk1998 is offline
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Re: High Pulse rate - over 100

When my health anxiety gets bad my pulse can go to 120bpm easily.
I do the pulse checking too which just makes things worse so i try not to.
I know it can be scary but anyone with anxiety will tell you it happens to us all and it can happen even when you don't feel particularly anxious.
Try not to worry, but if this is worrying you a lot and making you feel unwell check with your doctor for reassurance and hopefully that will put your mind at rest.
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Old 06-02-09, 15:32
burley burley is offline
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fast pulse,palps

Hi I'm new to this site, and I feel so low, I have had palps, fast pulse, flutterings, pain in chest ect for the last 3 years. I have had tests such as 24hr monitor, ecgs,a scan where they inject a dye and was told no calcium. But I am at a lost as i'm still having palps, been to docs today and i'm told once again its anxiety. They want me to increase my dose of citroplan to 40mg as the 20g dose is not doing anything. The docs are so fed up with me as all they say its anxiety and to hust relax, the other month i ended up in a & e as i was so bad with constant palps. they put me on ecg monitor said heart was ok but beating fast. I can't stand this I want to be normal i'm driving family and docs up the wall but i'm so afraid of dying from a heart attack.Please reassure me as I can't cope anymore.
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Old 07-02-09, 00:15
soulboydk's Avatar
soulboydk soulboydk is offline
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Re: High Pulse rate - over 100

I can say from the early days of having the 1st years of panic anxiety, that my heart was also very fast, and I was often russed of to hospital by ambulances a few times, and the answers have always been the same as the answers your getting its anxiety. I was even in spain once and had it and was put into hospital with whats called tachiacardia however you spell it. I can only say that this will calm down, and adding what if thinking will not help, so tell yourself its just a trick of the nervous system nothing more, theres no need to be afraid, dont let them fool you any longer. Do some relaxation and it will go away once your body gets to the level of lowering your anxiety levels. Stop the ''what if'' stinking thinking. All the best.

Bless you.
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Old 09-02-09, 08:22
xAprilx xAprilx is offline
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Re: High Pulse rate - over 100

Try not to worry, I saw a doctor last week and mine was 100 and she said it was just the anxiety and really nothing dangerous
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