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Old 13-02-09, 18:39
BKF1515 BKF1515 is offline
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Swallowed a little piece of glass!

Well, today is Friday the 13th and obviously REALLY not my day as I am already in a state worrying that I have DVT....

Anyway, such a dumb accident, but I broke a wine glass over the counter and didn't realise that there were shards of it at the bottom of a glass of juice I was drinking. I saw the pieces at the bottom of the glass when I got to the end of the drink and of course freaked out. I actually took glue and put the whole wine glass back together to figure out if I had swallowed any. The only glass missing is about half size of my pinky finger. So I may have swallowed a piece that size or perhaps smaller. I've already read that the body can deal with pieces of glass this size. Any advice to make me feel better so I don't fixate on this all night?? Thanks....
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Old 13-02-09, 19:31
bottleblond's Avatar
bottleblond bottleblond is offline
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Re: Swallowed a little piece of glass!

Hiya hun

If it was going to cause a problem then it would have done so by now! Chances are that piece didn't land in the glass but outside on the counter.

Honestly don't worry over it!

Big hugs

"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice". Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself and you won't go far wrong.
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Old 13-02-09, 20:57
purpleBerry purpleBerry is offline
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Re: Swallowed a little piece of glass!

Been there!!!
Don't get worked up over it...everything will be fine!

I was in a similar situation a while back & freaked out about for daaaaaays...seems silly now!

Nothing bad is going to happen so relax
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Old 16-02-09, 13:28
BKF1515 BKF1515 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 242
Re: Swallowed a little piece of glass!

Thanks so much for all your replies. You made me feel so much better. Nothing ever did happen and I am fine. The body is an amazing thing - I have to remind myself of that.
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Old 19-02-09, 10:58
jackie26 jackie26 is offline
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Re: Swallowed a little piece of glass!

god wish i had come on to this page yesterday. i found a piece of glass in my lunch yesterday, know idea where it came from as i had cooked from scratch the day before and was reheating for lunch. so as you can imagine instant panic incase i had swallowed any little bits that i hadn't felt in my mouth when eating. ended up in a & e after talking to nhs direct, saw the nurse who said it shouldn't cause any problem if i had would normally pass through ok and if there was any causing a problem i would definately know. so anyway after a worried night i am still here and ok, but i might have been a bit more reassured if i had seen this post from you all yesterday.
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