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Old 16-02-09, 14:29
goth goth is offline
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Question chest feeling icy cold

hi just wondering if anybody has exprianced there chest feeling freezing cold like its been smothered in icy cold water i keep getting this and its frightening sometimes the tops of my arms are like it to i no i hyperventilate a lot could it be anything to do with that. take care lin x
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Old 16-02-09, 15:22
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Re: chest feeling icy cold


I've had this a few times when anxious. I can understand your worry as it does give you a real scare at the time and leaves you with questions after. I can only say that it is anxiety related and I am sure lots of other people have felt it too. I sometimes get it on the side of my forehead too and automatically put my hand there expecting to wipe water off but there is nothing there.

All the best

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Old 23-02-09, 09:34
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Re: chest feeling icy cold

This could be due to the fact that when we are anxious the blood from your extremities is diverted for action, especially from the stomach, hence 'butterflies in the stomach' there may also be goosebumps.
None of this is life threatening, just a bit uncomfortable at the time.
when you get this try deep breathing, all the way in and out but 'sigh' on the out breathe (natures calmer downer) also think of your fave place and put your fave music to it, your mind will soon learn a new pattern!!
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Old 11-12-11, 16:13
jools182 jools182 is offline
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Re: chest feeling icy cold

After an absence of a few years I've started having panic attacks again

Over the last few months I've had a cold feeling in my airways and lungs. I just had a panic attack this afternoon and my whole chest felt cold beforehand and afterwards

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chest, cold, feeling, icy

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