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Social Anxiety Please post any messages here about Social Anxiety.
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Old 23-02-09, 22:04
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They're going to take me away to the funny farm....

This is really difficult for me to explain as I find it so surreal and horrible. Basically I suffered with anxiety for 4 years. I used to panic i was gonna be sick in public. Anyway through the ups and downs etc i was on meds, ive now been off them for six months. BUT

recently Ive been scared that, not that im gonna be sick in front of people..but that im gonna lose control to the extreme im scared im gonna try and hurt someone. This scares me sh**less as i dont want to hurt anyone! Its just this overwhelming feeling. It does pass eventually but when i have these feelings I am so so scared. Ive had it when im with family and friends. Its always been the loss of control thing with me. I dont want people thinking im crazy as im actually going to University in sept to study Psychology and hopefully be given permission once qualified, to help you guys all ive ever wanted to do is help people so these thoughts are totally out of character. Ive been panicky recently but i think that may be down to tierdness and my IBS playing up. Im 21 on the 4th march, and im scared about that too. As all eyes on me. Im not the clubbing type. But feel i cant go out and enjoy a meal at the moment ( this has only reappeared recently) so ive decided a meal with family and bf and then drinks with mates at the weekend.

Please help me as im scared they will take me away....

Love you all

Emma xx
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Old 23-02-09, 22:25
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Re: They're going to take me away to the funny farm....


Hang in there, you have so much ahead of you and remember these are only thoughts no matter how real they feel. I am sure you aren't going to hurt anyone, as you said you dont want to do that....I think our minds play tricks on us. I have to take part in lots of 'board meetings' at work and the amount of times I have sat there and thought I wonder what would happen if I got up and just started running around shouting obsenities, now I know that doesnt sound as bad as wanting to hurt someone but my career would be ruined if I did actually do it!! And actually lots of people have random thoughts like this, it doesn't mean we have to act on them.

I really got anxious that maybe one day I would, it felt that real but i didnt because as you do, i recognised that this would have a really bad effect. It shows you are in control by the fact you have recognised a problem and have come here to tell us.

I know you feel out of control of your thoughts but try to get back on track and remember they are YOUR thoughts, you are in total control..

Also I studied Psychology, you will find it a great insight into anxiety and how the mind and brain works, I am not saying it will cure your anxiety but once you see how intricate the workings of the mind are you may understand a little better how wires can get crossed in there!

I wish you well and hope you will make it to your course, it really will be worth it and hey if it really worries you go back to the docs and tell them so.

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Old 23-02-09, 22:30
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Re: They're going to take me away to the funny farm....

Aww emma hun,

No-one will take you away, to some people who suffer with the fear of heights, they get the feeling of wanting to jump off a cliff etc. But they don't, its just the biggest fear they have, a bit similar to you, you care about people and your biggest fear is hurting them.

I also don't like being the centre of attention and didn't have a 21st party myself, my stepson who suffers no anxiety at all didn't have a 21st because he doesn't like being in the limelight.

You do whatever makes you feel comfortable, studying psychology will probably help you loads, it helped me big time when i was 23, basically i could understand what was going on in my own head.

Please don't worry too much about hurting anyone, its only a fear because you would never want it to happen.

best wishes

di xx
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Old 24-02-09, 00:52
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Re: They're going to take me away to the funny farm....

stoney my mate, thought you'd fell off planet, not quite yet eh, tx me some time, we have a chat or send me email when ya not busy, ave missed ya, be good to talk yeah,

your friend Emma xxx

The Sticky Kitchen on facebook!
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Old 24-02-09, 22:20
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Re: They're going to take me away to the funny farm....

Hi Emma

Sorry to hear that you are feeling low at the moment, but as doomandgloom has mentioned, they are only thoughts of which you are in control of.

You have a lot going on at the moment with your birthday coming up and starting uni. I am sure your psyhcology course will help you understand these thoughts a little better.

Please hang in there, things do get better.

Take care xxx
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