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Old 04-04-09, 23:52
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Some Things Look Like They're Moving

Today I was sitting and reading (Not anxiety related lol) things on the computer and then suddenly it look like the the screen was jerking/moving every second. It gave me that pit in the stomach feeling but I never let it turn into anxiety. I was quite calm so I sat by the wood stove and then it looked like the tiles where slightly moving closer and further. Some times objects seem like they're just barely moving/warping.

WTF. I think this is because I have been oversleeping alot this week and then only slept 5 hours last night... But it's pretty disturbing since it mkes me worry that something (drugs) was in my food that I ate. (my main anxiety problem)

Does anyone else get this, and why do they think it happens?
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Old 05-04-09, 12:37
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Re: Some Things Look Like They're Moving

could have been tired eyes dj from 5 hours sleep or looking at computer screen to long as isnt good for eyes
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Old 05-04-09, 13:10
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Re: Some Things Look Like They're Moving

I got this over the summer...in my case if id just be walking or sitting down and my whole field of vision would just jerk. It went away after a month or two, my theory was that i was overtired (from working 50hr weeks) and that, because i was working in electronics at the time i was spending most of the day squinting to see things.

Ive also had the things warping before, that is almost cetainly to do with the computer..theres is actually a visual thing (i dont know if you've seen it...dont recommend it if these things trigger) but its a black and white spinny thing on a website that you stare at for a minute then it makes everything warp when you look away. I used to have a fear of having my food/drink spiked which stemed from having my drink spiked with a hallucinogenic, not a nice thing...took me quite a while to get over.
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Old 05-04-09, 19:21
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Re: Some Things Look Like They're Moving

i was just going to post about this. It scares me. Ususally it is when I look at busy patterns or something, but I am begining to notice it more often. At home it mainly happens when I use the downstairs bathroom, I have these rugs in there that have like a shaggy loop pattern on them. Its like it moves. Almost like a heat wave? Please tell me someone has had this
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Old 05-04-09, 19:40
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Re: Some Things Look Like They're Moving

Soounds like tired eyes, eye strain, migraine or short sightedness? I can't imagine it is anything to worry about, but have a word with your doctor or have an eye test to put your mind at rest.

In fact get yourself down for an eye test as soon as possible, people do not get their eyes checked anywhere near enough, it's always worthwhile to do so especially when they give you a clean bill of health
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Old 05-04-09, 21:31
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Re: Some Things Look Like They're Moving

I should have added to my post, I just did a full eye exam about 3 weeks ago. My eyesight got a little bit better in fact But he said that all the nerves and everything looked great and healthy.
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Old 12-04-09, 21:34
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Re: Some Things Look Like They're Moving

i get this too, iff i look at somthing thats really busy or even just going outside to the garden the world seems to warp abit. hope it doesnt last much longer (had it for 2 weeks now) as its really starting to upset me :(. also i went to the docs and opticians 4 days ago and they say things are fine.....altho things do seem alot better when close up, but say if im walking down the stairs, it feels like the bottom carpet is kinda moving around, like the sea but not so violently
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moving, things

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