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Old 06-05-09, 08:20
nikkinik nikkinik is offline
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Question Do you feel weak / no strength??

Hi everyone,

Ive got to admit Im quite worried..

On Friday I felt dreadful, really weak, shaking through lack of strength and I just felt awful in general.. but I put that down to not drinking enough..

But last night, and still today, I feel the same.. Ive woken up all weak, shaking slightly through lack of strength (mainly in my arms), my legs are like jelly (theyre like that 24/7). Only this time Im sure I drank enough so it shouldnt be that. Im also tired all the time and have gone from being tired around 4pm, to it creeping earlier and earlier to around 1 or 2 pm instead :(

Do any of you feel weak all the time and have no strength?

Im really worried that its not anxiety and could be something else, as it doesnt seem to let up even when Im doing ok, and infact it seems to be slowly getting worse ?

Ive been trying to get on with the housework etc, but Im wondering if I should go back to taking it easy just incase my body has had enough?


(Ive had blood tests, endoscopy, x ray and an ultrasound all ok, thyroid ok too..)
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Old 06-05-09, 09:09
matthew matthew is offline
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Re: Do you feel weak / no strength??


I sometimes feel like that, for me I think it is because I have felt anxious whether I know it or not and if your mind is constantly on the go thinking about your symptoms it can make you feel run down and weak which is where I think we feel these jelly leg, weak symptoms from.

I know it's hard, but try not to think about it and it will go away in time. Don't allow it to be the first thought on your mind when you wake up. You'll be amazed how strong the mind is and what effect it has on your body!!!

Hope this helps

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Old 06-05-09, 09:23
nikkinik nikkinik is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2008
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Re: Do you feel weak / no strength??

Thanks Tetley, Im sure youre right.. I do have the symptoms from here printed off so I can look at them if I need to. Its just nice to know Im not on my own with this one as I find it so scary. I also meant to ask what helps people if they suffer with this one.. I forgot though!

Matt youre right too.. I wake up several times, last night being one of the worst.. but I just remember waking up and thinking something negative without even realising it, I think it was something health related. I just remember feeling frightened and then I also thought to myself, jees, this happens without me even trying, like its just an automatic thing that Ive programmed.. if that makes sense! Ive been really trying to be rational, not think negatively etc, but at times I find it so hard. I'll keep trying.

Thanks for your replies.

Does anyone else suffer with this, if so what makes it better for you??
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Old 06-05-09, 11:44
lesleya's Avatar
lesleya lesleya is offline
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Re: Do you feel weak / no strength??

Hi hun
I sometimes get like that too it feels like such an effort to do anything and i feel so tired..no energy but i try to take it easy for the rest of the day. Matt is right too i used to wake up a lot in the night and instantly start myself off feeling anxious, and thinking ''oh will i be ok today..will i panic?...what if?.... etc etc and then id set myself off all over again it was wearing me out. Panic/anxiety can really drain you of energy, so now i try my best not to let it take over so i either get up straight away and take the dog out, even if its just around the block it gets me out and takes my mind off or potter about the house/garden.. i find it helps me most of the time.
I hope you start to feel better very soon hun.
Take care

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Old 06-05-09, 14:30
Dazo's Avatar
Dazo Dazo is offline
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Re: Do you feel weak / no strength??

I often get these sensations, especially in my legs when i am about to walk.
I dont think they are weak, it is just a bad feeling of it.
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Old 22-02-11, 17:19
mo73 mo73 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2011
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Re: Do you feel weak / no strength??

hi there i'v jus started to go back to the gym about 2 3 weeks ago going about 3 times a week and i feel as if i have no strength in me. i used 2 go last year summer n i was doing well and didn give up earily but now i giv up pretty quick and my friends whom i used to go with started the same time as me and there lifting 20kg more than me in most things. so i was wondering if anyone could help?

Cheers Mo
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Old 22-02-11, 20:44
mtatum4496 mtatum4496 is offline
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Re: Do you feel weak / no strength??

That deep in the bone fatigue sense of being weak is very very common among many anxiety sufferers, with or without the presence of diagnosed depression. When you think about it, that really isn't a surprise. With anxiety, your nerves are in overdrive, using up a lot of energy.

For me, it isn't quite as bad as it used to be (which I'm taking as a good sign), but there are still days when my energy level flags significantly by mid afternoon, much more so than before I developed my disorder. But as i said that is better - at one point I had days when I would wake up dog-tired and be that way all day long.

Nikk, it's good that you've had the tests you listed, since that rules out so many other things that cause fatigue and weakness. One other suggestion I can make along those lines - has your doctor done bloodwork to determine if your potassium levels are within normal limits, and also that your immune system is not currently engaged in fighting some sort of virus, such as Epstein Barr? If so and everything is in order, then it is a very good chance that your nervous illness is the root cause of both the weakness and the fatigue.
"Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig. (Robert A. Heinlein)
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Old 22-02-11, 21:02
Seffie's Avatar
Seffie Seffie is offline
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Re: Do you feel weak / no strength??

Hi, don't worry, it's very, very common with anxiety. I can totally relate to it & in the past have suffered from this very badly. My doctor called it ME / CFS but for me it was just being worn down from adrenaline caused by anxiety. My arms & legs used to feel weak (but actually weren't) & would sometimes feel heavy like lead.

You are spot on when you said you automatically think negatively. That's because you have strong negative neural pathways. Like a path, the more you use it the deeper & wider they become & this becomes your default pattern-your automatic response, but the brain can be changed, this is called neural plasticity & you change it by changing your thoughts (CBT I guess) then the old, grooved pathways grow weaker & the more you use the new, positive pathways the stronger they become. Read Dr David Hamiltons book 'It's the thought that counts' or watch his seminars on Youtube. He is brilliant!
Hope this helps & don't worry about this symptom, that will only maintain the fatigue etc.
Seffie x
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