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Old 12-05-09, 04:19
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Reflux(?) & Gurgle noises throat.

Sooo, its been a bit of a long day Its currently 5 AM (Yes my sleep pattern has turned a bit up-side down :P )
I decided to have a bit of a bite, Fish with spicy saus with Rice & Veggies yum yum.
Buuut, unfortionatly my stomach got upset again, especially the first 30 minutes after eating I got alot of weird "Hiccups" asif something is rising in my throat but it subsides again before it reaches my mouth.

I'll assume that those weird "Hiccups" are what people call Reflux?
I've also NEVER in my life been able to belch, its allways air raising in my throat and dissapearing with a "Gurgle Noise".

Ive never worried about the Gurgles instead of burping, but with my health anxiety rising up from time to time i've started to worry about it. even getting the urge to google it, But im holding myself together and not doing it! :P

I was wondering, Is there someone who can confirm that the hiccup feelings is really Reflux?

And are there more people who get the Gurgling in their throat, and/or are unable to belch/burp?

Kind regards,

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