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Health Anxiety Are you plagued by fears about your body or health? Are you suffering from Health Anxiety? Please check other sub-forums first to see if your problem should be posted there instead. E.G. the IBS forum or the medication forum or the symptoms forum.
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Old 20-05-09, 11:14
blondie47 blondie47 is offline
New member
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Does this lump in the throat ever go away?

Not new to health anxiety but I am new to the lump in the throat, which is of course why I am convinced there is something deadly wrong with me.

For those of you who have experienced this, did it start out infrequently but then come on stronger and be with you all day except when you are sleeping?

Also, (this is gross), are you able to digest all your food? I keep throwing up or I guess its called regurgiation. Sometimes if I make myself thorw up the lump sensation goes away for a few hours.

I'm such a mess. I gotta get up the nerve to go see the doctor but I need to take a few xanax before I can even make the call. And then I know its just going to be a series of agnozing and scary tests. If anyone can give me reassurance, I'd appreciate it.
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Old 20-05-09, 14:47
j2's Avatar
j2 j2 is offline
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Re: Does this lump in the throat ever go away?

This is one of the most common fears talked about here. I know the mentality of "everyone else's fears are anxiety, but my fear is different and I must be dying". I live this everyday. I have been living with HA for many years and I have found no cure but I do find comfort in excercise, yoga, self-hypnosis cd's and reading everything I can find about health anxiety. I really reccomend a book by Asmundson called "It is not all in your head". Lately I have been taking Valerium and 5 HTP to help me sleep. I don't take and prescription drugs. Even with all this, I still have moments like you are experiencing now. Just know we are here for you and won't judge. Good luck.
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Old 20-05-09, 15:37
lauren6 lauren6 is offline
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Re: Does this lump in the throat ever go away?

Blondie, I had this when I was first diagnosed with acid reflex. I have to tell you this though...by making yourself throw up, you are bringing up very strong acid into the esophagus which is going to further irritate it. I understand how you want relief from the sensation but what you need is to see the doctor and get the tests. Agonizing tests? Nope. The endoscopy I had twice and was sedated and had no idea what was going on at all. If you have a barium swallow, that is nothing to fear, you just drink something and they take a picture. Honestly, don't be afraid of these tests! You need a diagnosis. I had the lump in the throat sensation also which drove me crazy and after a few days on Zantac, I was fine. How about following the protocol for reflux for now and see if it goes away? I can tell you what it is if you like, or you can look it up.
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Old 20-05-09, 16:20
blondie47 blondie47 is offline
New member
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 83
Re: Does this lump in the throat ever go away?

Oh, I've already had an endoscopy a couple of years ago. The only thing the doctor could come up with was a small hiatal hernia that he said wasn't big enough to do damage, and very mild reflux, also not enough to give me the kind of pain I was having. This is when I was having what I thought were signs of a heart attack. After extensive cardiac testing and coming up with nothing, the cardiologist sent me to the GI doc who did the endoscopy and these were the findings. He said he'd try me on a PPI (Aciphex) but was not hopeful that would help with the severe pain I got between my shoulder blades. I started taking it and a couple of months later my pain went away. I actually always figured that what went away was my anxiety, but I continued to take the pill even though he said he didn't think my problems were caused by reflux but instead, anxiety. So now here I am 2 years later, with new symptoms (instead of the pain in the back, I now have the lump in the throat and the regurgitation), and I'm still taking the pill. Logic tells me when I get in this state of panic, it makes me "reflux", even though clinically its not really a bad case. My HA tells me its Lung or Throat Cancer.....so around the bend I will go until I can assure myself once again.

By the way, I am never afraid of the test itself. That is the least of my worries. Its the outcome of the test.
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Old 20-05-09, 17:16
Reggie's Avatar
Reggie Reggie is offline
New member
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Re: Does this lump in the throat ever go away?

I had this years ago, I had a camera put down my throat in the end and, of course, it was normal.

It didn't feel normal at all though - but this was about 12 years ago and it was, my anxiety made me have the sensation of the lump in the throat.
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Old 26-05-09, 20:28
simplysal simplysal is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 23
Re: Does this lump in the throat ever go away?

The condition is called GLOBUS!! Google it!!

It gives you a sensation that you have a golf ball lodged right at the back of your throat. You can breath okay but have the sensation of something stuck. You can still swallow and eat okay but it is caused by anxiety.

I had a barium swallow after panicking with this horrid feeling and was sent for this test. The liquid mind you that they ask you to drink is like drinking liquid lead. It looks like cement. The radiographer asks you to take a big mouthful of it, hold it in your mouth until he says "swallow". Honestly, when you swallow this mixture, your body wants to reject it and you'll feel like being sick. It's only half a plastic cup full of the stuff but it's bad. If you get a normal result from this, the assumption is that it is globus and is caused by anxiety.

Google it, it might reassure you xx
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Old 26-05-09, 21:09
Daisybun's Avatar
Daisybun Daisybun is offline
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Re: Does this lump in the throat ever go away?

Yes it does, I had it for a long time and I have been 'lump free' for over three years now.
Take care

This too will pass
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Old 26-05-09, 21:24
majdle majdle is offline
New member
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Re: Does this lump in the throat ever go away?

Oh yes - I believe this is quite common - I´ve had it too - mine was caused by the lack of magnesium and also anxiety. It can also be the muscle tension combined with a mild acid reflux.
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