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Old 04-06-09, 10:50
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St John's Wort and Inositol - Advice?

Can anyone advise if you can take St John's Wort and Inositol together?

If not would you recommend one over the other for anxiety and panic?

I've been taking SJW for about two weeks now. I know it takes awhile to kick in but I am feeling really anxious at the moment and I'm at my wits end with it. I literally feel like bursting into tears.

I've been reading a little about Inositol and it sounds promising but I don't want to stop the SJW if that proves to be just as effective. Can anyone advise?
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Old 05-06-09, 00:13
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Re: St John's Wort and Inositol - Advice?

I would recommend inositol over anything. Inositol is superior to anything I have ever tried against anxiety and the "chatterbox" (constant repetitive negative thoughts).

I think inositol is superior to modern day antidepressants. It worked very quickly. (3 days after starting it. Citalopram took 3 weeks to even begin helping me.) It improved my quality and duration of sleep. (Citalopram reduced it drastically.) The only side effect was a noticeable feeling of tiredness for the first few days. (Don't get me started on citalopram's horror-show of side effects.)

If I'd started taking inositol three months ago -- combined with positive thinking, healthy eating, exercise and counselling -- I don't think I would have needed citalopram.

I don't think inositol will interfere with SJW as inositol is a naturally occurring substance found in the human spinal fluid. I have tried SJW and would never take it again due to very severe feelings of depression which scared me so bad I chucked it in the bin after 3 days. I was only looking for something to help me fight stress!

I would recommend ditching the SJW and taking inositol instead. I take 6 tablets per day (3.9g).
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Old 13-06-09, 17:45
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Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 33
Re: St John's Wort and Inositol - Advice?

Thanks for the advice. I've picked up some Inositol and I've been taking 3 a day so far (I'm going to work my way up to a higher dosage) I've also been taking the SJW every other day. I've not been taking that regularly because I worry about taking it with the Inositol. I can't seem to find much about combining the two and like you say Inositol is naturally occuring in the body so I might just see how it goes with taking them together.
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