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Old 21-09-05, 18:00
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Can u treat yourself with CBT at home ??

I have seen my occ therapist and she says CBT is available locally but there is a waiting list, she also says many people find it very difficult to talk face to face in the setting of a hospital, many people have skeletons in the cupboard which they dont like to face, she suggested keeping on with any medication but trying some worksheets on CBT she has....she said a book on the basics of CBT by Ivy Blackburn is good, has anyone found they have helped themselves out of anxiety using CBT at home and then getting out there and doing thing

and also are there any programmes you can use over the net based on cbt or are they any DVDS on the subject?

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Old 21-09-05, 18:15
mjh74 mjh74 is offline
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Hi Frankie,

I'm currently having CBT therapy and a lot of it is based around doing homework. The idea being that you create yourself a hierarchy of the things you fear and work through the least feared first. I am working with exposure to my phobia of vomit. I started by eating prepacked sandwiches that I thought could put me at risk of food poisoning. I did this for a week until the fear had lessened. I then moved onto looking at black and white pictures of vomit. I had to do this for an hour daily until I could look at them without feeling anxious. I then moved onto colour pictures of vomit and this week I actually made my own vomit out of porridge, soup, chopped carrots etc and then had to crouch over the toilet and pour it down as if I were doing it. I have to now do this every day this week and next week I move onto pictures of people vomitting and so on until I reach my goal.

If you create yourself a hierarchy of your problems and started to expose yourself daily to the least troublesome ones first and eventually working up to the worst as I've done. You'll find that you start to become less sensitive to the fears.

I hope this helps.

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Old 21-09-05, 18:31
tammyg tammyg is offline
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Hi Frankie,

I have done something very similar to Mark with varying degrees of success. I got to the point you are at now Mark and then kind of gave up as I didn't know where to go next. I suppose this is the good thing about having someone guide you through it face-to-face.

At the moment I am doing an online CBT course which is interesting (but also a little boring to be honest lol). Anyway, if you want to check it out the website is:

I have also been trying Mood Gym which is a little more interesting, very interactive and I have actually learnt more than I thought I had. It's more about thoughts and feelings and controlling them than anything though, so without knowing what your specific problem is I wouldn't know whether to recommend it. Anyway, here is the website just in case:

There's also plenty of reading you can do about CBT. I have various other websites saved in my favourites so let me know if you need anymore lol.

Tam x
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Old 22-09-05, 00:19
penumbra penumbra is offline
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i had an intensive inpatient course of cbt for a month and that was two years ago. It really did work and i made a huge amount of progress and was able to do things that I would never even have dreamed off even before I became ill.

However, I do believe that u have to do cbt with a therapist face to face to take u through it, as they measure your anxiety and can take u through the reality of the situation once u have done it and also they can measure exactly what it is that is so disturbing to u.

There is also a very good book which can supplement it which is called "The Feeling Good Handbook" can't remember who it is written by off hand but if u r interested I will go and look for u.

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Old 22-09-05, 08:19
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Its by David Burns and is on our reading list.

Its a heavy read so if your concentration is poor just read Chapter 3 first.


Your anxiety is the human representation of the pictures that you paint using your many vivid colours of revolving and reoccurring thoughts.
How big is your gallery ?

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Old 23-08-08, 00:45
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Re: Can u treat yourself with CBT at home ??

Hi, im a sufferer of Panic and anxiety. i fear driving...
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Old 23-08-08, 20:48
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Re: Can u treat yourself with CBT at home ??

i use online cbt to top up individual and group based work covered.

i use living life to the full

mood gym doesnt do anything for me lol

milly xxxx
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Old 12-02-10, 23:23
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Re: Can u treat yourself with CBT at home ??

Hi Frankie

It is possible but I would recommend a more stuctured sessions in the form of group or one on one therapy. If for the only reason that it help to keep on the straight and narrow and there's always a trained professional there to help if you have any question or difficulties applying the techniques.

I myself have chosen to go it alone. I am agoraphobic and as a result severely limited to certain options. So like you I would prefer to practice from home. It is possible if you get your knowledge and have a good understanding of what you need to do.

I'm currently reading Overcoming Anxiety by Helen Kennerley. That coupled with the living life to the full site Tammy first mentioned I have seen some positive results over the past week or so.

Best of luck

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Old 12-02-10, 23:59
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Re: Can u treat yourself with CBT at home ??

Hey Frankie...
I have also had to wait months for my CBT though it is finally here haha but I have been using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies that I bought on Play.com and its really really good....i know other people that have read this book on this site too that have found it helpful So id recommend giving that a go whilst you wait

Hope it goes well,
Candy xx
*~* Just A Girl *~*
The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.
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Old 27-02-10, 14:27
pjb pjb is offline
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Re: Can u treat yourself with CBT at home ??

yeah i just started using living life to the full cbt website and it's working really great so far.
i do find doing face to face therapy a little scary. if you're agoraphobic how can you go out and see a therapist if you can't go out anyways?
it's kind of a roundabout thing.
i would really like to go through therapy but feel i can't even get through the first hurdle of going out and doing that.
i'd rather start at home and work up to doing face to face therapy or do over-the-phone therapy.
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