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Old 01-09-09, 09:07
drronnie drronnie is offline
Join Date: Jul 2009
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Sore throat and tongue and HA is back again?

On Saturday I had a routine checkup with my doctor regarding my cholesteral figures as I am overweight. However as I always am I insisted to do a CBC too. The CBC looked good as expected and I got peace of mind once again that there was nothing wrong with me. My doctor repeated that the white patches on the tongue are nothing serious. So I had a nice weekend.

Last night I woke up and felt that my throat was sore and there was an ulcer on the back right of my tongue. When I spit there was a little blood too. Then I quickly rinsed my mouth with water and all was gone. However my old friend Mr. HA was back :(. So I had to take 1 mg of Clonazepam to at get some sleep.

Now my throat and tongue are still sore and I am groogy from the Amoxycillin I am taking.

Why does the freaking HA have to come back? I was fine for weeks and all of a sudden I am seriously ill again. I guess I I did a blood check everyhting would just inidicate a mild flu or something like that, but right now there is a massive bout in my hand between Mr. Positive and Mr. Negative
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Old 01-09-09, 10:05
Adelle Adelle is offline
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Re: Sore throat and tongue and HA is back again?

Hi, I understand how you can feel great one minute and then out of nowhere HA comes to pay a visit. It sounds like you have just a cold. Hope you feel better soon. Take care
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