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Symptoms Do you have any symptoms that you would like others to comment on or help with. Post messages here.
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Old 16-10-05, 19:28
desperate desperate is offline
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Shocks in head

I guess this is the one things out of many which really scare me.

In my head I get what I like to call little shocks around the temples normally. They seem to come and go for no reason.

I know that it is probably just nerves, but why do they do this?

Also why sometimes do I get the overwhelming feeling that I just want to shut everything out, like all the sounds etc get too much for me?

Also on a bit of an aside, if our nerves are so over-sensitised to things then how to you start to bring this down when everything seems to trigger it off? I feel as though everyone else is on a normal level and i'm already at 4/5 so it is so much easier for me to escalate upto a 10! If that makes any sense?

First Anxiety...then panic attacks...now GAD and depression...now working on a better future!
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Old 16-10-05, 20:03
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ItWillPass ItWillPass is offline
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Wow i could have written that post myself! I also have the little shocks... but i get them all over my head sometimes... and they do come and go... its weird... Also, the over sensitive thing I can relate to as well... It drives me nuts also, so I dont have any amazing advice... But sometimes it helps to know other people are going through the same exact thing. I figure what are the chances of both you and I having any else other than just anxiety?

As far as getting back to normal... I think in time it will just fade. It has faded for me before... so I have no reason to believe it wont again.
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Old 17-10-05, 10:08
desperate desperate is offline
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Join Date: Sep 2005
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Posts: 442
Hi Heidi,

Yes that is true!

First Anxiety...then panic attacks...now GAD and depression...now working on a better future!
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Old 17-10-05, 15:49
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Head Shocks! Weird Head sensations and Panic


Your anxiety is the human representation of the pictures that you paint using your many vivid colours of revolving and reoccurring thoughts.
How big is your gallery ?

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Old 17-10-05, 20:41
sadie sadie is offline
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I have been experiencing weird sensations in my head for a few months now and its the symptom that is worrying me at the moment... well more than any other!

Mine seem to be at the back of my head or near my ears/jaw... I feel like its like a little shock or something ot it feels like a little squeeze. I also feel like I get a funny taste in my mouth which is just like acid or something. These symptoms might not hbe related but I think they are. My friend thinks it could be adrenaline in my mouth as when I get these symptoms I panic a little.

My neck and shoulders alwasy feel tense and my GP says I need some physiotherapy for my neck and jaw since I do have TMJ.

I am just worried that there is something wrong with my brain.. I feel silly saying this as I have had a MRI and recently been to see a neurologist who said my symptoms were all anxiety related. I am still worrying that soemthing has been missed.... classic anxiety symptom.

I have read that anxiety can cause elctricv shocks in the head and this has nothing to do with medicine withdrawal. I just hope they are nothing to worry about.

I hope it helps you to know you are not alone with this symptom. I honestly think I have had every symptom in the book!

Take care

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Old 28-04-08, 00:13
Ny88 Ny88 is offline
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Re: Shocks in head

Hey was just wondering do any of you know if this is exactly what causes this pain. I have been having it for about 3 weeks now it i might not have it 1 day or I could have shooting pains between 3 - 30 times a day and im only 19. I was wondering if it might have anything to do with the nerves in my spine, blood pressure or optical nerves.
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Old 28-04-08, 02:10
mlazar mlazar is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
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Re: Shocks in head

Oh my god, this is so weird! One day back in November (actually a weekend) I had what you might describe as a nervous breakdown...the worst symptom during the ongoing panic/anxiety attack over the two days were something I could only describe as electrical shocks rocketing through my brain. It was so unsettling, the doctor assured me it was only anxieety! Soooooo weird to hear someone else complain about it, but I should think reassuring for the both of us! I can tell you, I was under extreme stress at the time, and it was related to that.
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Old 22-07-08, 13:59
sarah peacock's Avatar
sarah peacock sarah peacock is offline
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Re: Shocks in head

You wouldn't believe how relieved i feel from reading through these posts. I have been getting shocks through my head now for the last 6 months. I was thinking that maybe i have a brain tumor or something serious like that. I am too scared to go and see the doctor as i'm too sared of what he might say. I know i should do really but i'm just too scared. I get them all over my head usually but last night i was trying to watch a film and i kept getting them shooting up from my neck to the front of my head. I have been really worried all day and in tears most of the time. It crossed my mind that it could just be my anxiety and then i thought that i haven't heard of any symptoms like this. I'm so glad i checked out this website as it has been so helpul and it's helped put my mind at rest.
Don't Worry, Be Happy!!!
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Old 29-09-08, 18:02
adele1 adele1 is offline
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Re: Shocks in head

Hi guys,
I've had these what I call shooting pains in my head since I had my first panic attack nearly two years ago. Mine would sometimes shoot up my neck too, my head would go really hot all of a sudden and i'd feel dizzy and sick and my vision would go blurry, I was on beta blockers at the time for the anxiety and the head pains eased when I came off the tablets, altho I still get them from time to time they've eased in severity. I believe they're just a form of tension headache or migrane that comes with all the other crap that anxiety does to you, after all I never had them before anxiety came along! If your still worried get checked out! thats what doctors are there for, put your mind to rest, I was referred for brain checks because I was adamant I had a tumour, turns out it is VERY common symptom for anxiety sufferers, so dont be scared to find out. good luck xx
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Old 28-04-13, 01:08
martin222 martin222 is offline
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Re: Shocks in head

hi im martin, i get all the symptoms people here are getting, had them for two years now, i had an mri 2 years ago that showed a cyst in my head, so i thought that was the problem, to my horror my symptoms came back,, i also have symptoms of my body moving, like the motion of a boat, i can be sitting watching tv and all of a sudden i have a feeling of being tipped up i get these feeling up to 50 times a day, and its getting me down to say the least, and girlfriend and my family look at me lie im an alien when i try to describe my symptoms, and i sometimes feel extreme paranoia, even tho i know im not paranoid, i get hot flashes to, and yes i am a man lol, i just feel odd, and hard to put my finger on exactly how i feel, but i know it isnt normal, could it be anxiety???
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head, shocks

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