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Old 27-09-09, 09:44
Girl_Interrupted Girl_Interrupted is offline
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Re update: GA and Rigid Cystoscopy

Hi there, just thought i would message with an update from the last few days. Went into hospital on Friday for the above! All went well, had to have a urethral dilatation, which isnt as bad as it sounds. I've also been told I have overactive bladder.

GA was fine, no problems, the hospital staff was fantastic i didn't feel nervous at all!! there were others around me who seemed more upset.

The procedure took around 45 minutes, i was taken back into recovery where i had a hot chocolate and biscuits, no complaints there

I guess sometimes things aren't as bad as they seem. My advice is if you are going for GA please dont worry, u will be looked after

GA (General Anesthetic)
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Old 09-10-09, 23:22
Girl_Interrupted Girl_Interrupted is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 227
Re: Re update: GA and Rigid Cystoscopy

I must admit, going through that nightmare of having that done, I am suprised no one has wished me well : ( and the fact it was good news.

Well one person did, and thank you so much : )
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Old 09-10-09, 23:36
nomorepanic's Avatar
nomorepanic nomorepanic is offline
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Re: Re update: GA and Rigid Cystoscopy

Hi there

Sometimes posts get missed so I am sorry no-one replied.

I am so pleased all was ok and sorry if we didn't reply at the time - I have my own reasons as I was busy - so can't answer for others but you did the right thing to make it active again.

Congratulations anyway

“Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don't have to live forever, you just have to live.” - Natalie Babbitt

Please help keep NMP running and donate to the running costs: http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/donate

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Old 12-10-09, 22:28
Girl_Interrupted Girl_Interrupted is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2009
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Re: Re update: GA and Rigid Cystoscopy

Thanks Nicola, much appreciated : ) x
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Old 13-10-09, 00:25
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Veronica H Veronica H is offline
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Re: Re update: GA and Rigid Cystoscopy

this is a positive post and it will help others. Well done you for being brave. I'm sorry I missed it too.

"Never wear anything that panics the cat"
P. J. O'Rourke
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Old 29-06-10, 13:07
hannah1982 hannah1982 is offline
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Unhappy Re: Re update: GA and Rigid Cystoscopy

Thanks for this - i'm going in for a GA cystoscopy and urethral dilation tomorrow and this had helped to calm my nerves. I'm very worried about the pain afterwards, and of waking up in pain and nobody being there to help me.

I also have a slight sore throat today which is worrying me too. I can't reschedule as I live alone with family abroad and it took a long time to get a date together where they could do it and when someone would be available to take me home and stay with me for the first 24 hours.

I just can't wait for it to be over now....
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