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Old 06-10-09, 22:05
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Levothyroxine - Can they make you tired?

I've just been diagnosed with Underactive thyroid and I have been taking Levothyroxine since Friday 2nd October.
I've noticed i'm feeling really tired and I was just wondering if this is common with these tablets or if it's just part of the underactive thyroid, or just coincidence as i do sometimes feel tired in the day time?

I've taken meds before that say on the leaflet "cause drowsiness" and they've made me yawn constantly but i'm not feeling that way on the levothyroxine, I just feel really tired and have heavy eyes.

Thank you xxx

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Old 07-10-09, 15:27
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Re: Levothyroxine - Can they make you tired?

Hi my name is sheila i suffer from an underactive thyroid and when thats not right i tend to be really tired and my anxiety gets worse with it
also i found that it takes 4 wks for me to feel any better after an increase in the levothyroxine
hope this helps
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Old 07-10-09, 16:48
jenza20 jenza20 is offline
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Re: Levothyroxine - Can they make you tired?

Hi, I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid a few years back. One of my original symptoms was being tired although I still don't know if it was related because tiredness is so common and I am still plagued with tiredness years later!! I would like to point out it can take many weeks for the levothyroxine to start work. Months in some cases!! Being tired is probably just simply .... being tired!! One of the most common complaints to GP is TATT (Tired all the time) and I would say it's probably just coincidence!! xx
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Old 07-10-09, 19:28
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Re: Levothyroxine - Can they make you tired?

I've been on Levothyroxine for about 4 years now, before I went on it I felt very tired all the time and since taking the tablets have improved tremendously. I do get the odd day when I am really tired with no apparent reason, but I guess most people get days like that. It will take a little while for you to feel the benefit of the tablets so try not to be too concerned at this early stage. It also takes a while to get the dose just right, you will have probably been told to go for another blood test in 6 months time to see if you are getting the right strength of tablet. I have a blood test done every year now.
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levothyroxine, make, tired

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