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Old 19-10-09, 12:28
dazedandconfused dazedandconfused is offline
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As a chronic anxiety sufferer I have read about this condition called pyroluria which is to do with not absorbing zinc and B6 properly to turn into serotonin. I tick alot of boxes for this and wondered if any members have had a pyroluris test and could advise on a natural health practitioner to see over this condition. I live in SW london area.
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Old 12-11-09, 19:42
magnesium magnesium is offline
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Re: Pyroluria?

ive googled it and im no doctor but it sounds like ******** to me.

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Old 12-11-09, 22:12
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PoppyC PoppyC is offline
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Re: Pyroluria?

I found this site - not sure if you have seen this before but thought would post link anyway. I had never heard of this condition before now, so I am glad that you posted.

I hope you find a practitioner that can be of help to you.


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Old 02-12-09, 09:09
chrislot chrislot is offline
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Re: Pyroluria?

I was diagnosed with pyroluria 15 months ago and I can hardly beleive how this diagnosis and treatment has improved my life. I was chronically stressed for 15 yrs, and later on chronically exhausted for 13 yrs. After starting the treatment the anxiety took 3 to 4 months to go away completely, although I beleive it can take as little as 1 to 2 months for many people. Energy took much longer. Since my own dx I have had six aquaintances also diagnosed so this is a very common problem. I know a Dr in Dublin who treats Dr Edmund O' flaherty in Merrion Square. I think he gets his pyrolle tests done at Biolab in the UK.
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Old 02-12-09, 10:07
mandyclare mandyclare is offline
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Re: Pyroluria?

No idea about that condition but i bought some magnesium supplements (apparently good for anxiety) yesterday and they also have two more things in them curiously zinc and B6 so maybe there is something in it.

I decided its worth taking one a day for a couple of months to see if there's a difference
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Old 02-12-09, 10:12
Milo Milo is offline
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Re: Pyroluria?

As always, you get every side of the story when searching online!
As this is treated with vitamins and minerals, and as long as they are within the recommended daily alowance, they can do no harm and only benefit you.
So give it a try....
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Old 02-12-09, 13:41
Melancholia77's Avatar
Melancholia77 Melancholia77 is offline
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Re: Pyroluria?

I know it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation, but I think that depression and anxiety cause vitamin/mineral deficiencies (and certain meds also can cause this apparently), so I would think that a lot of us are deficient in some way. Taking a good multivitamin can do us no harm because a lot the foods we eat are completely denatured.
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Old 31-12-09, 08:33
chrislot chrislot is offline
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Re: Pyroluria?

My dx was not just pyroluria, I also had copper overload and severe undermethylation. I have to take a lot of other supplements to correct all of the imbalances in my biochemistry. It took a full year to normalise, but during that time I gradually decreased my anti depressants and am now totally cured. This treatment also cured all my allergies,acne,digestive difficulties,high blood sugars,low blood pressure and muscle loss. My body shape also normalised. I had very skinney arms and legs and a large torso with a protruding abdomen.
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Old 31-12-09, 09:36
Kathleen Kathleen is offline
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Re: Pyroluria?

Very interesting...I am going to check into this!
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Old 04-04-10, 04:49
chrislot chrislot is offline
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Re: Pyroluria?

I dont know of any practitioners offering this treatment in the UK, but calling Biolabs and asking who they test for is a good way to start. The labs here in Aus are very happy to provide this kind of info. This does not have maoinstream acceptance, but that is probably because vitamins can not be patented.
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