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Old 20-11-09, 03:11
ChrisMayo ChrisMayo is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2009
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Sweating / Night sweats / Feeling hot

Hey guys.

Hope all is ok.

Just wanted to see who (if any) has experienced what I am. I've read through several posts on sweating, but if anyone has experiences, info, etc, would be good to hear.

Basically I've been not feeling great for the past couple of weeks, extreme panic about my health, stressing out, not eating normally etc.

Have had tons of blood tests, xray, neurological assessments, and seen tons of Drs who keep saying, I should stop worrying, and that nothing is going on.

However, this morning I woke up sweating a lot, and my sheet was a tiny bit damp. Went to the hospital because I was also having problems with my eyes (they keep jerking when i'm focusing on a computer screen or phone etc).

Had my eyes tested, and being referred to an ophthalmologist for more testing (though they couldnt find anything wrong)

I've felt really hot all day, and my Dr said it sounds like a viral infection, but not sure if it's related to my Citalopram (now on week 4), general anxiety, a virus, or something more sinister.

One of the Doctors I saw asked if I had been tested for HIV, so naturally started panicking (I have been, and it has been negative twice), but a condom broke with a girl about a month ago, and although she told me she was all negative, still worried about it, so having to get another one done in January.

Apparently my temperature is normal, so I don't have a fever, just all sweaty.

The doctor at hospital said to wait it out for 2 weeks, then speak to GP, because it could be the medication causing problems, and if it is a virus, then it should resolve itself soon enough.

So, yeah, long winded story, but not sure what to do for the best.

All my worries about HIV, Tumours, etc have come back.

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Old 20-11-09, 03:48
Jac 2009 Jac 2009 is offline
New member
Join Date: Oct 2009
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Re: Sweating / Night sweats / Feeling hot

Hi Chris

The sweating is a natural result of having a panic attack or general anxiety. Your heart beats fasters and you sweat! My panic is worse in the middle of the night. I go to bed feeling fine and I wake up in middle of night. I sweat so badly that the whole bed is wet and I can feel the sweat dripping off me! I bet you are sweating during the day for the same reason.

I hope you don't mind me saying but one of the worse things you can do for anxiety is to keep getting yourself checked out. You think that when you get the all clear for a symptom, that it will be better but all this actually does is to reinforce your anxiety so the next time you feel a pain or have a sensation you automatically run to the doctor for reassurance. This makes you weaker and not stronger. Try and cope on your own and tell yourself that it is just the sensation of anxiety which are causing your symptoms. People who don't have anxiety also get odd pains or sensations but they ignore them and get on with their lives.

Hope things get better for you.

Jac x
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Old 20-11-09, 05:16
looking4answers's Avatar
looking4answers looking4answers is offline
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Re: Sweating / Night sweats / Feeling hot

My sweating is not from a panic attack nor is my wifes. We live at over a mile and one half high in the mountains. There is something really peculiar about this place. You can read my post from almost three years ago. Its creepy..Its almost like night sweats but not really ..Both of us have them so it can't be anxiety she doesn't have anxiety.

What happens is mostly in the winter. Our house stays about 55 or 60 at night and sometimes as low as 45 or even 35 ..We like to sleep cold but our bodies are covered up making them hotter than the surrounding air . Also there is very low humidity here.
The air is so thin and so dry it sucks the moisture right out of our bodies. thus making our bodies feel sweaty but no actual moisture. It gave me the creeps and I looked everywhere on the internet for about a year.

One day I ask an old pharmacist about it. He said yeah you feel clammy but no moisture.. kind of sweating but no sweat.I said EXACTLY .. he said Welcome to the valley! that is normal here.. I have also read since.. that the high altitude is so dry that you have to be careful and drink plenty of fluids even if it is cold because you can dehydrate really quick which causes major organ shut down. I carry water with me all the time and make sure I drink enough. I hate that sweaty feeling so much and it happens alot here so ,I can't say Im used to it but at least I know what it is now so I don't worry that its something bad.. I just live with it.. Hope you find out what is going on with you .. its very annoying.. I understand for sure..Good luck
Blah Blah Blah Blah..
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Old 20-11-09, 13:24
ChrisMayo ChrisMayo is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 144
Re: Sweating / Night sweats / Feeling hot

Hey Jac.

Thanks for your reply (thanks looking4answers too!). I don't really have panic attacks, but I do get anxious a lot, so a lot of the time it feels like symptoms are appearing out of nowhere.

I didn't wake up sweaty today, (I think I had the heating off, so that may have made a difference, also just bought a new thick duvet, so could just be adjusting to the change in temperature)

But, yeah you are right about trying to accept the sensations and get on with things. It's just making that leap to accepting it which seems impossible.

I've got two referrals awaiting to see people, so I guess that should rule out even more stuff, and I should be able to accept things if they are normal, and move on.

We shall see!

Thanks for the replies guys
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Old 20-11-09, 13:32
springblossom springblossom is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2008
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Re: Sweating / Night sweats / Feeling hot

I think you'll be fine Chris. Night sweats are very common.

Do you have alcohol before bed or additives/sugar?
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Old 20-11-09, 13:40
ChrisMayo ChrisMayo is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 144
Re: Sweating / Night sweats / Feeling hot

Hey springblossom

Often have sugar before bed yes, rarely alcohol but sometimes.

Guess it must have been a factor of anxiety / heating / new bedding etc, but i'll keep an eye on it anyway.

Going back to see the Dr next week anyway to review my medication, so will mention it then.

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