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Old 08-12-09, 17:05
Xamublack Xamublack is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
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Still Suffering from throat problems :(

I've had what appears to be Globus now for over 2 months. As I mentioned in another post its not too bad in the morning, but as the day progresses it hurts so bad to swallow, the only way I can get any relief is to angle my head down to the right (which still hurts just less).

Had an endoscopy and and the docs say everything looks good ... is there any home remedy for this? Didn't know if anyone had tried back cream or one of those medicated heat pads ... any over the counter remedies?

I'd be willing to try anything at this point.
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Old 08-12-09, 17:12
bottleblond's Avatar
bottleblond bottleblond is offline
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Re: Still Suffering from throat problems :(

Hi there

I find that mentholy things help me.
I also find rubbing Vicks into my neck works quite well.
I hope you feel better soon
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Old 08-12-09, 21:31
Inapickle Inapickle is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
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Re: Still Suffering from throat problems :(

i can totally sympathise with you on this one. Iv had this for about 5 weeks, what a nightmare.. I went to the Dr who had a look at my throat she said it looked sore but couldn't see or feel any lumps, she said i might be suffering from acid reflux and gave me some medication. Iv been on this for 5 days and although i still have the lump feeling im keeping every thing crossed it works. I am like you in not feeling it so much on a morning and as i don't eat till 12ish and drink coffee all morning the reflux could be the course. A hot bath up to the chin for 20mins helps to, hope your better soon
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Old 08-12-09, 21:33
melvin melvin is offline
Intermediate Member
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Re: Still Suffering from throat problems :(

hi mate whats a globus iv had sore throat for ages
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Old 08-12-09, 22:35
ReneV's Avatar
ReneV ReneV is offline
Join Date: Oct 2009
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Re: Still Suffering from throat problems :(

Globus is the feeling of having a constant lump in the throat sensation.
I had a viral infection of the throat ( so says GP,no idea where fro
) about 2 months ago and since then my throat too just hasn't felt the same again! I'm constantly worrying now that maybe I have throat cancer due to me being a smoker so I think another trip to the GP is in order.
Trouble is I'm always at my GP's recently due to my health anxiety issues I'm starting to feel as if they don't take me serious anymore!
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Old 08-12-09, 23:23
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nomorepanic nomorepanic is offline
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Re: Still Suffering from throat problems :(

A lavender neck warmer that you heat in the microwave

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