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Old 25-01-10, 14:01
Neesh X Neesh X is offline
Join Date: Jan 2010
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Question i feel like im dying when i try and sleep!!


I hope this is a part of Health Anxiety but even my theapist at CBT says hes never heard of this!
When i try and sleep day or night time i dont feel like im going to sleep, it feels like im passing out or dying.
Then i get a masive rush of anxiety, like my heart stops and then it jumps me straight up.
Its a terrifying experience i have found myself drinking up to a bottle of wine a night just to get a few hours sleep. iF I dont i just have to deal with these horrible surges over and over all night.
I really hope some one out there has experienced something like this because no one seems to know what it is!!
Neesh X
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Old 25-01-10, 14:07
gypsywomen's Avatar
gypsywomen gypsywomen is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2009
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Re: i feel like im dying when i try and sleep!!

somewhere at the back of yor mind your terrified of dying ,so when you relax to sleep bang your thoughts run wild it must be awful feeling ,why dont you put some music on when you get into bed it helps with thoughts i do, or tv ,drinking is ok but wont stop your fear ,maybe docter could give you something to help you sleep
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Old 25-01-10, 14:18
ZoJo's Avatar
ZoJo ZoJo is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2009
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Re: i feel like im dying when i try and sleep!!

Hi Neesh,

I had the exact feelings/symptoms when I was six or seven years old. I can remember (even now, I am 38!) the anxiety I felt over it, I was convinced my heart was going to stop. (My Dad actually, slapped me round the face when I had an episode! It did stop lol!) Very occasionally I get it now, then I jump with a start. So yes, don't worry - I have heard of it and had it!! I think its down to a big adrenalin rush.
If a bottle of wine is helping you get some hours in, then I would put it down to anxiety, as you are obviously more relaxed. See if more natural ways of relaxing will help you sleep, and try not to think about it too much before you sleep (easy I know) I have found listening to music with headphones or an audio book (get one with a dreamy voice!) helps me into the land of nod. Lavender bedtime spray (on pillows) - trying to think of things off the top of my head!

Good luck x
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Old 25-01-10, 14:31
wendy28's Avatar
wendy28 wendy28 is offline
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Re: i feel like im dying when i try and sleep!!

Hi neesh i get the exact same thing,its worse when im stressed.and if i think about it.so ur not alone.xx
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Old 25-01-10, 15:48
Neesh X Neesh X is offline
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 20
Re: i feel like im dying when i try and sleep!!

Thankyou for the replies i feel sooo much better now i know its due to the anxiety and not some terrible heart condition as ive suffered for years and never known anyone else had experienced it!!
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Old 25-01-10, 16:56
pollyanna's Avatar
pollyanna pollyanna is offline
Intermediate Member
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 702
Re: i feel like im dying when i try and sleep!!

Hi Neesh.

I also get this, and it seems to go through spells when it it is happening a lot and then dissapears for a while, probably worse when im stressed.
I think the reason for this is, when your stressed and tense, when you are trying to relax and go to sleep, when i am almost at the point of falling over into sleep i jolt up right in a painc, feeling like i have stopped breathing or my heart is about to stop, but i think it is just such an alien feeling to relaxed at times of high stress, and this is how we react to it, it just feels so odd to feel relaxed, our bodies dont recognise it as normal, and that is the sensation that we get. I hope i have made some sense, i dont know if i have explained this very well, but i totally understand where you are coming from.

take care

P x
if the shoe doesnt fit, its not your damm shoe.!!!!
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Old 25-01-10, 17:25
Trish Trish is offline
Intermediate Member
Join Date: Nov 2005
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Re: i feel like im dying when i try and sleep!!

Hi Neesh

I know what you are going through to...here is part of my very 1st post on NMP back in 2005....!

Hi my name is Trish and i'm a newbie, i am so glad i found this site. My problem started 21 months ago........and since then i have not had a decent night's sleep! I spent a week in a sleep clinic with my head wired up, although i had 'episodes' during that week, the results didn't show up a thing.

Episode: Waking up in sheer fright and my heart racing, this can happen up to 11 times a night, sometimes it can catapult me out of my bed! When i have so many, i am so frightened, i will get up and i have to wait until my body is completely drained before i return to bed, sometimes i am going back to bed when my husband is getting up!

Today my GP has put me on a drug called Dosuepin so i am keeping my fingers crossed that these ones will work, i've tried Amitriptyline and Temazepam together but with no joy.

My consultant at the hospital is refering me to a heart specialist (as i have two heart murmurs) in case these episodes are connected, but he thinks it's highly unlikely and is putting these down as night panic attacks.

I just want to be able to go to bed at a normal time, sleep and get up at a normal time................not to much to ask is it??

I have posted this on another thread, somewhere on this site, but i can't remember where (lol), so i'm sorry if you are having to read this twice!
.................................................. ...............................................

Here we are at 2010 and i still get these episodes although awful i don't get so worked up about them so much now. I am at the point now i can identify if i am going to have them as soon as i lay down...i get an odd feeling but i'm unsure if this 'feeling' is in my head or body...it's so very odd

Hope this helps you.

Best wishes

Trish x
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Old 25-01-10, 18:55
guitarpants guitarpants is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2009
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Re: i feel like im dying when i try and sleep!!

This is the first time I saw someone post something like this, and it's reassuring because I've had the same thing happen. I guess for me it's the lightheaded feeling where it feels strange to start falling asleep, it's almost like you're afraid that if you lose consciousness you aren't going to wake up again. It is strange.
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Old 25-01-10, 19:03
lesleya's Avatar
lesleya lesleya is offline
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Re: i feel like im dying when i try and sleep!!

I know exactly how your feeling i had a similar thing for ages but i just get it ocassionaly now thank god, i call them night jolts now for lack of a better name. Its like your sorting of dropping off to sleep and not realised and you jolt really suddenly wake feeling like you cant breathe or youve stopped breathing and your hearts going fifty to the dozen. I did a post over a year ago about the same thing as it was really spooking me ive copied the link for you to read and hope it night help you a little knowing your not alone...hope things improve soon for you xxx


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Old 25-01-10, 22:54
Neesh X Neesh X is offline
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 20
Re: i feel like im dying when i try and sleep!!

Hi guys
Thanks for the replys joining NMP is the best thing i could have done for my anxiety i dont feel stupid for the first time EVER saying how i really feel.
I cant believe that for once people are actually helping me not just telling me 'oh its all in your head'
Thanks sooo much for taking the time too share your own experiences to help put my mind at ease, and for the first time since i can remember i am already begining feel like i can beat this with the support ive already had
Heres to a better nights sleep tonight
Neesh Xx
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