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Old 29-01-10, 12:47
louise123_uk louise123_uk is offline
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Pain on back near shoulder blade and pins and needles

When I woke up this morning I kind of got a burning pain hen I breathed on my back up near my shoulder blade, ive heard pains in shoulder can be linked to lung cancer so am a little bit apprehensive especialy since the pain was there when I breathed (it didnt last long maybe 5 mins). Plus ive been getting pins and needles occassionaly at random times, in feet/hands when havent been sitting in one position all that long and have read that pins and needles can also be linked to lung cancer. I kind of feel im being dramatic but then I think what if it is something bad?

Am going on a date tonight so trying to get positive and make myself see sense so I can be happy and smiley lol! Does it seem like im worrying over nothing much?
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Old 05-02-10, 18:22
kirstielu kirstielu is offline
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Re: Pain on back near shoulder blade and pins and needles

ive got that as well ,mine is the left shoulder just below the shoulder pain i was worried it was lung cancer too , my doctors are baffled by it ,they said my lungs are clear wondering if its muscle tension .
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Old 05-02-10, 21:06
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ScaredCaz ScaredCaz is offline
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Re: Pain on back near shoulder blade and pins and needles


I also have this

Same place as kirstie doctors also sed my lungs are clear and that it is tension from my anxiety

Hope you both feel better soon
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