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Old 17-04-10, 07:57
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Desprate Dan Desprate Dan is offline
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Embarrasing bodys one nipple bigger than the other (Men)

Hi everyone,

Just hope someone can let me know if this is common and does anyone else have this....

My right nipple is bigger than my left by quite a bit and is more sensitive to touch than than my left one, it has been like this for long as i can remember, but a ex girl freind mentioned it a few years ago and until then it never bothered me now i find i am aware of it and wont take my t-shirt off on holiday or were anyone else is present incase they notice it..

My left there is little feeling in it compared to the right one and is almost flat, were the right one looks like a normal nipple..

Cant remember when i first noticed it maybe 10 years or so ago, just wondered at school there was a craze called "Nipple Cripple" were you would grab someones nipple and twist it, weird i know but you no what kids are like, just wondered if it got damaged then..

Would really like to know if anyone else has this problem or if they no someone who has, think its to petty to go to my GP with but it does play apart in how i feel about myself and body..

Thanks for reading

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Old 17-04-10, 10:47
Peter_Scott Peter_Scott is offline
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Re: Embarrasing bodys one nipple bigger than the other (Men)

Mate if you noticed this about 10 years ago then to be frank there is nothing to worry about, we are all built a bit different so relax you are fine, Peter
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Old 25-01-11, 04:45
Anxious_gal Anxious_gal is offline
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Re: Embarrasing bodys one nipple bigger than the other (Men)

it could just be bigger due to scare tissue .....
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Old 01-02-11, 09:28
alwaysanxious alwaysanxious is offline
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Re: Embarrasing bodys one nipple bigger than the other (Men)

hi dan just a little note from memy partner has a huge nipple which lookslike some1 has sliced itin halfand a normal nipple, i really wouldnt worry about its ok to have somethink different, and besides i love lees nipple it gets more attention than his normal 1 lol

take care lisa x
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Old 30-04-11, 00:39
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christos christos is offline
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Re: Embarrasing bodys one nipple bigger than the other (Men)

Its probably nothing to worry about, unless it worries you too much, in which case, go and have to seen by your gp just to get some reassurance.
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Old 20-08-14, 01:44
Kevinchristian0980 Kevinchristian0980 is offline
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Re: Embarrasing bodys one nipple bigger than the other (Men)

My right nipple is bigger than my left one I noticed this if I squeeze my right nipple lie I'm meaning by the areola part there's somthing hard behind the areola and my left nipple is just normal why?
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Old 02-11-15, 06:29
Andrew Malyenkov Andrew Malyenkov is offline
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Exclamation Re: Embarrasing bodys one nipple bigger than the other (Men)

I have the same exact problem and i really don't know if I should be embarrassed from it or not, but I also have the same problem with Kevinchristian0980 when I try to pinch my left one it's normal but if I try to pinch my right one there's a hard layer and it's different like I couldn't exactly pinch it. Also when this problem started it was hurting for a while then stopped.
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Old 09-12-15, 19:59
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Re: Embarrasing bodys one nipple bigger than the other (Men)

I know this thread is super old but since it has been bumped recently anyway let me step in for anyone who reads later - I had something like that and it turned out to be gynecomastia, it's nothing dangerous, usually disappears over time (sometimes it's hormonal imbalance that lasts a little bit longer - see your doc for more info) so nothing to worry about most of the time imo.
'Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.' - Marcus Aurelius.
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