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Old 20-04-10, 17:53
SH2727 SH2727 is offline
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Strange Feeling Under Right Rib Cage

Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I have been experiencing a really odd feeling under my right rib cage for about 2 months now. It is at the bottom of it and feels as if something is stuck under it. It doesn't hurt as such, just uncomfortable. I have an ache in my back too, directly behind the strange feeling in my ribcage.

It feels like a balloon or a bubble is stuck there. All very odd. I can't feel it when I am standing up, just when I lie down or I am sitting.

I have been to see my GP and had a ultra sound scan on it and they said everything looked OK, although I had a small cyst on my liver, but was told this is nothing at all to be worried about (try telling a health anxiety sufferer that!!!) and they are very common.

I do suffer from reflux, so maybe it is connected to this?

Would really like to hear from someone who has experienced this or perhaps knows what this is?

Many thanks.

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Old 20-04-10, 18:13
daydreamer daydreamer is offline
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Re: Strange Feeling Under Right Rib Cage

Hey. I suffer from reflux and I have that same feeling, like a little bubble under my right rib cage! Its hurts when I exercise or bend over or kneel down. Somtimes it feels like its got stuck and then it hurts like a stitch type pain in my chest, I cant breathe because it hurts, I then have to move positions for it to go away! strange I think, would like to know what it is, but wouldnt have a clue how to explain that to a doctor without sounding weird! It hasnt caused me any serious trouble yet, so I think I will be ok, LOL!
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Old 20-04-10, 18:58
Cell block H fan's Avatar
Cell block H fan Cell block H fan is offline
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Re: Strange Feeling Under Right Rib Cage

Yes, have that now n then. Its not painful, just a sensation. If i'm sitting down I strech up as if i'm crushing something & need to release it! Its more annoying than anything. I have never known what it is, but others have mentioned it on here before, so I have never got too concerned x
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Old 20-04-10, 21:40
SH2727 SH2727 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 112
Re: Strange Feeling Under Right Rib Cage

Daydreamer and Cell Block H Fan, thank you for your replies, it is reassuring to know I am not alone with this odd feeling.

Thank goodness for No More Panic!!

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Old 01-10-10, 18:48
Kristen85 Kristen85 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
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Re: Strange Feeling Under Right Rib Cage

I'm 25 and in pretty good shape. I developed a small bubble-like problem that would kinda squelch when I moved a certain way. Over the course of a few months it turned into a big problem that would completely prevent me from moving certain ways. The doctor told me it was reflux and to limit my caffeine, nicotine, and greasy food intake. Because I was so worried, I completely eliminated every one of them from my diet. It didn't help AT ALL. Eventually, the process started to develop under my left rib as well. First with the small bubble up to the fullness and painful stitch. I was terrified and tried everything from getting a new mattress to eating differently. After 8 months of constantly worrying, one night I applied Mentholatum to my entire upper torso and neck. Around the same time I also began taking a stress medication called Xanax. I'm not sure which one worked but I haven't felt the problem again. I can move, twist, turn, bend however I want. I fell like an enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The relief in unbelievable. I really hope this helps someone else. I know I worried myself sick from not knowing what was going on.
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Old 02-10-10, 10:25
crazyhayz's Avatar
crazyhayz crazyhayz is offline
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Re: Strange Feeling Under Right Rib Cage

I get this exact thing all the time!! Im so glad u have posted this thread!! Its under my rib but NOT at the bottom, more like under my left breast. directly under it nearing towards my sternum area. Its so weird. Not painful just uncomfortable, like a bubble or like sumthing is stuck there!! I get it mostly in the evenings (which is funny coz thats when im most anxious and also thats when i have dinner). But i do get it in daytime too. Its really strange. It used to worry me so much and send me into panic whenever i got it, but ive had it for so long now and it doesnt happen as much as it used to so i just put it down to muscles tightening where im obviously tensing without realising it....another dreaded symptom of anxiety!! ive had normal ecg's, blood tests, chest xray, and im having a heart scan on the 26th of this month! (cant wait lol). So if thats all clear then it will deffo clear up my anxiety bout my heart. I get palps when i get it too, with dizziness! So u can imagine how scary it is for me. Does urs ever feel like a pinching feeling? Mine feels like somethings stuck there or a bubble, but sometimes it feels like a slight pinch! So weird! Anyway, thanks so much for posting, until now I have never known of ne1 else who gets this, so it has deffo lessened my worry as uve been tested too and ur results are normal. Definitely reassuring!! Just the horrible anxiety again...will we ever get over this people!!! :(
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Old 02-10-10, 13:10
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MidnightCalm MidnightCalm is offline
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Re: Strange Feeling Under Right Rib Cage

Isn't that where your spleen is?
I've been getting the same but all along underneath my ribs.
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